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Jan. 29-31

Everyone should report a second story for the beats designated for this portion of class (below). Bring your reporting & photography to class Tuesday, Jan. 29 and work on rough drafts in class. File the rough drafts with the instructors at the end of class via email.

Natalie & Arianna – Music
Nick Martinez & Chris – Theatre
Tim & Nick – The Film School
Brandon & Shayla – Art
Charlotte & Michelle – Intl Students
Mark & Amand – Faculty
Luke – Theatre (The Water Play)
Clara & Sandra

Thursday, January 31

Revisions of First Piece due in class. We will critique and discuss the roughs of the second stories in class, and discuss the third beat assignments.

All final pieces should include cutlines for all the photos that are part of the piece. Writers and photographers should collaborate on cutlines (also known as captions, depending on who is talking)

Here is a tip sheet on writing captions.

The Times photo blog is a good place to check out captioned photos for ideas on effective captions.