Molly’s Kitchen and Lounge

Eduardo Castillo, manager and promoter of Molly’s Kitchen & Lounge, (Molly’s Kitchen & Lounge, 1611 Calle Lorca, 983-7577) opened his business’ doors to hosting private events and live music just over a year ago. With the limited number of venues in Santa Fe, Molly’s might be the best venue in Santa Fe because of its laid back environment and location. It’s just under a mile for students to walk from the campus of SFUAD, which turns out to be a 15-minute stroll. For those driving, the venue is encircled by a large parking lot free of charge. In addition to having great parking, the venue has just about everything else you may ever need when going to a show. For starters, there are four bathrooms!!! Two women’s bathrooms with three stalls in each one and the men’s…since there’s never a line for the women’s room, I wouldn’t know. On special occasions, there are two bars set up and, once again, you avoid waiting in line and have more time to enjoy your drink. The complimentary chips and salsa may win the hearts of some, but my heart is now taken by Molly’s affordable green chile beef jerky. But the best part of it all is Molly’s employees. Everyone working here is more than efficient and seems to really enjoy the diverse crowds that pour in during the shows. With a steady flow of business, Molly’s could easily become a lasting location for live music and a bar broadening its local group of regulars.

On the evening of Nov. 4, Castillo partnered up with Vince Kadlubek from Meow Wolf to host touring bands, Diane Coffee and Those Darlins. Castillo opens up to tell us a little about his musical influences and his role at Molly’s. Emily Panic from Diane Coffee also took a couple minutes to tell us a little about the band she plays in. The headlining band was Those Darlins from Nashville, TN with influences of rock and roll and a country soul bellowing out of their front woman, Jessi Zazu.