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Nov. 15-21


God's Neighbors

God’s Neighbors

God’s Neighbors, A One Night Only Screening of Meni Yaesh’s Israeli Drama

Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival presents God’s Neighbors, a thought provoking story about violence in the name of God and the essence of faith as reflected through one man’s personal journey. With Tarantino overtones, the film follows three young men who take it upon themselves to enforce religious observance within a traditionally observant but mixed community. Described as “an impressive multi-layered … film”, God’s Neighbors has a superb ensemble cast, excellent direction and script, and a punchiness to its pace due in part to its musical score. First time director Meni Yaesh knows well the community portrayed in the film. It is where he grew up and still lives.

Saturday Nov. 16 at 7pm. Featuring a Q/A with Director Meni Yaesh. Tickets on sale now.

All Is Lost, Robert Redford’s Capstone Performance is Still Playing!


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