2013 Hunger Games

The first ever SFUAD Hunger Games took place on Nov. 16 at the Driscoll Fitness Center. There were 10 districts with two tributes being previously chosen from each district.
District 1: Kaitlyn Barlow & Dane DeCuire
District 2: Ilse Santillan & David Roth
District 3: Lani Decker & Robert Canales
District 4: Kenzie Rutledge & Saqeef Ali
District 5: June Ussey & Nate Regier
District 6: Vaughn Piazza & Garret Gaston
District 7: Sara Esparza & Nicholas Bohamonde
District 8: Mackenzie Wilson & Valter Munhoz
District 9: Mae Rymer & Alex Addison
District 10: Alexis Buchanan & Tristan Triana
The tributes from the same district were on a team (at the beginning) and each person had to collect 10 medallions which they won each time a challenge was successfully completed. Each tribute had a gold life medallion that any other tribute could steal at any time, essentially killing that tribute and taking him or her out of the game. There were challenges such as shooting nerf guns at a target, memory challenges, bobbing for plastic ducks and finding a medallion in a bowl of whipped cream without using their hands.
The last two tributes standing were Vaughn Piazza from District 6 and David Roth from District 2. After a final challenge where the two had to find a medallion on the floor of the DFC while blindfolded, David Roth was named the winner of the Hunger Games.