You’ve Got Mail

On a typical day at the SFUAD Post Office, Zach Greer shows up at around 9 am just to organize the packages on the shelves and have them ready for the day.

Greer has been working on and off at the Post Office for the last year, and at The Driscoll Fitness Center for the last two years. Originally from Chicago (Illinois), Greer graduated in 2009 from SFUAD’s Documentary Studies Program.

At 10 am, Greer opens the window and waits for Fed-Ex, UPS and the USPS to come by and drop off all the mail.

“It’s usually pretty dead at that time because students are either in class or not awake,” Greer says while organizing some new arrivals. “Between noon and lunch I pretty much organize the packages by alphabetical order in the back, put the letters into the students mailboxes…” It is after lunch, when most of the students are free, when the window seems to be busy all the time.

Greer remembers with fear the day he received more than 200 packages in a single day. Trying to organize that while attending the window was a challenge he hopes to never repeat again.

“As soon as the packages get delivered, people know that they are here and so they come for them,” Greer says. “Besides big volume days like that I always get a kick out of when we get mail for people that were here over a decade ago.”

The Post Office is open Monday and Wednesday from 10 am to 2 pm and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 3 pm in St. Michael’s Hall.