Naming the goats

The three baby goats had quite an audience. Photo by: Bego Aznar

The three baby goats had quite an audience. Photo by: Bego Aznar

After a long wait, Africa’s little goats were finally born on March 2 and while they have plenty of cuteness and energy, they lack an important thing: names. Jackalope Magazine went out and asked students and faculty for suggestions.








Photos by Christopher Stahelin


Tyler Nuñez“I’d name the dude James Vanderbeak. I always thought it would be cool to have a pet, but I never did, so a goat will suffice.”

—Tyler Nuñez, Performing Arts Department

Victor Rodriguez“I’d call the dark one Pretinha which means little black in Portuguese. The girl would be Caipirinha and the only male should be called Pelé, like the soccer legend.”

—Victor Rodriguez, Film major

Kevin Sorina“I would call the black one Juicebox, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when looking at her, and the tan reminds me of a Cookie, so that should be his name.”

—Kevin Sorina, Performing Arts Department

Ayisigi Akkavuk“The male should be called Berkin. In Turkey everyone is protesting because 15-year-old Berkin Elvan was killed by the police. So I would name the goat in his memory.”

—Ayisigi Akkavuk, Film major


Sofía Auza“The little black one is Chofito, the white one is Evito and the only male is Braulio. They completely fit them and that’s how they call me and my friend, so it’s perfect.”

—Sofía Auza, Film major


Paula Amanda“Since they were born on Oscar night, at least the male should be named Oscar, the other two girls should be called after the female winners, Lupita and Kate”

—Paula Amanda, chair of the Film school.


Jack Brinkley“I want to honor Chinese director Wan Ka Wai by naming the only male after him. The two other girls are Julie and Justin, they are creaming that name”

—Jack Brinkley, Film major


Drew Stahelin“The little brown male is Rorschach and the two girls are Hyperion, which is totally a girly name and Zelda.”

—Drew Stahelin, Film major