Pizza Muse

“A Show About Pizza” is exactly as it sounds: an exhibition dedicated entirely to artwork created about, from and inspired by the college diet staple. Sophomore graphic design student Caleb Ortega concocted the idea as a joke, while eating a few slices with some friends.

Caleb Ortega's A Show About Pizza opens Friday, March 28.

Caleb Ortega, the student behind A Show About Pizza.

“Everybody had a good laugh and was like, ‘that’d be awesome to have like a whole exhibition about pizza’… All the artwork is all about the pizza and you just order a bunch of pizza and hang out with friends,” says Ortega. When Graphic Design Department Chair David Grey began asking his students for interesting shows that they wanted to curate in an effort to make Alexis Hall a more integral part of the SFUAD community, Ortega’s unconventional idea was set in motion.

With a slight time crunch following the return from spring break, Ortega’s hope is for a light-hearted exhibition that allows students a chance to let loose.

“Really all I’m expecting now is everybody to just have some artwork that they enjoy…I think it’s important every now and again to be like an eight year old, and just kinda make art you like, and have fun doing it,” says Ortega. He mentions the cynicism and heavy, sophisticated atmosphere that can often be present in a creative setting when discussing objectives for the show, and concepts for future exhibitions that have been bouncing around in his brain.

“Coming up with ideas for shows that are extremely fun, and offer the opportunity for artists to not have to stress about their work, but just creating something that they really enjoy creating. That’s the goal of this show, and I’m hoping to have other shows with the same purpose.”

A Show About Pizza opens from 8:30-11 p.m., Friday, March 28 in Alexis Hall