Glyph Gala 2014

The unveiling of Glyph was quite an experience for all involved. With the evening opening and closing with music from Laser Cats, the readings of all literary award winners were beautifully bookended. The crowd was lively and large, filling all of O’Shaughnessy Performance Space. The start of the reading was of a grateful tone: thanks to the editors, to the designers, to the advisors. The 10 readers were of a multitude of tones (and hair colors), reading fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. We all seemed amazed that Glyph was coming to an end, but more excited to show off what we’d created. The design work of senior Nina Larson was given deserved focus, plants and ivy decorations lined the tables, as well as her homemade succulents. The crowd was pleased to find that this hinted at the design of the cover. After the event, the book was unveiled. Attendees conversed, gawking at the publication and filling their plates with gourmet pizza from Espiritu and cupcakes from Cocopelli. By the end of the night, 210 copies were collected and taken home, along with designed buttons and business cards. Having been this issue’s Editor In Chief, I couldn’t have felt more fortunate.