Viva Las SFUAD

What happens at Vegas Night stays at Vegas Night. I’m kidding: Between virgin margaritas and Sprite on the rocks, I don’t think anyone made a fool of themselves.

For the third consecutive year, Vegas Night—held Nov. 15—grew, this time moving from O’Shaughnessy Performance Space to occupying the entire Creative Writing half of Benildus.

“We needed the bigger space,” said John Rodriguez, director of Campus and Residential Life.

And he was right. Games included: Texas Hold ‘Em, Black Jack, Roulette and Bingo and were spread out between three first floor class rooms. Finding an open seat at a game table was about as lucky as winning a hand, and often took more time. When afforded a seat, dealers were friendly, though not always the most prepared, sometimes asking players the exact rules. However, this was forgivable, because it rarely stalled games, and the atmosphere was light, people were more likely to laugh than to be perturbed.

Upstairs was the cocktail lounge, as well as the prize booth, where you could win anything from candy, to a printer. Of course that takes winning, something I thought I’d do when I confidently strutted into the games as opening. Of course the night isn’t only about winning (kidding again, it totally is) and Rodriguez and student Vegas Night organizer Nina Poenisch see the event as something to continue for years to come.

“If we keep getting this turnout,” she began, “then, yeah, definitely Vegas Night will continue.”