Crews for both productions (“Oasis Motel,” drama and “The Disposables,” action/comedy) of Shoot the Stars Season 3 finished shooting Friday Nov. 21. John Diehl and Laura Harring served as this season’s name talent and spoke highly of both crews.

“I’m really impressed by this place,” said Diehl, mentioning the professionalism of both crews including his assistant to talent, freshman film major LaCharles Trask. “He was like my bodyguard,” explained Diehl. “I never had that as an actor.”

With post production already underway, both teams will be launching their social media platforms soon. While “Oasis Motel” has finished shooting, additional scenes for “The Disposables” will be shot in January 2015.

“It was very interesting working with the two different directors,” said Harring of directors Bonnie Burchfield and Peter Crowder, “They have completely different styles.” Harring played the roles of Lynn Landon in “Oasis Motel” and KiKi Nass in “The Disposables.”

“I’m not treating this film any differently than any other film…” said Harring, ”and I feel like the students did the same thing. “