Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions at The Screen

Jan. 23-29


Showcasing the best in classical, independent and foreign cinema, The Screen cinematheque at Santa Fe University of Art and Design presents new releases, special cinema events and performances all day every day! See what critics have to say about the latest screenings, watch a trailer, then visit The Screen for a unique movie-going experience.  

Winter Sleep

Awarded Best Picture at Cannes Festival 2014

Turkey – 2014 – 3 hours 16 minutes

“Beautiful to look at, with its burnished interiors and magnificent Turkish steppes, this long film builds to a powerful conclusion.” – Farran Smith Nehme of New York Post

“Intricate, monumental and mysterious. This is masterfully staged and performed.” – Ben Sachs of Chicago Reader

The Girl and Death

Awarded Best Picture at Netherlands Film Festival

Netherlands – 2014 – 2 hours 4 minutes

“What emerges is a hypnotic, strangely wistful and affecting portrait.” – Gary Goldstein of Los Angeles Times

“Atmosphere and nostalgia trump all in Pushkin-loving romance.” —John DeFore of Hollywood Reporter


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

The First Iranian Vampire Western Ever Made

Iran – 2014 – 1 hour 39 minutes

“A new classic, one to treasure endlessly.” —The Playlist

“One of the best films of the year.” —The New Republic

“Moody and gorgeous.” —The Hollywood Reporter

Sunday’s 5 p.m. screening features SFUAD Alumni Freedom Hopkins’ Short Film “Capstone,” shot on 16 mm film


Performance at the Screen: La Bayadere

Sunday Jan. 25 11:15 a.m. – Moscow -2 hours 55 minutes

A Bolshoi Ballet

“Svetlana Zakharova, the Bolshoi prima, is breathtaking as Nikiya, her hyperextended legs lifting as effortlessly as a helium balloon, her languid musicality filling every phrase beyond the count.” – Carrie Seidman of Herald Tribune