A Movie About a Film

At the time of their interview with Jackalope Magazine, the group of SFUAD film majors had received roughly $700 in crowd funded donations. By the next morning, that number had jumped to $1,390. While that’s still short of the $5,000 goal, the group spearheading a recently launched IndieGogo campaign for their upcoming project, A Film, were more than giddy about the sudden spike in donations.

The brainchild of junior film major Alvie Hurt, who serves as writer-director for the project, A Film is a sort of “meta” comedy. The story follows a young writer attempting to write a screenplay for a film. Along the main character’s journey, his hyperactive thought process throws the viewer into a cinephile’s mindset, breaking the fourth wall any chance it can while paying homage to various styles and genres along the way—a fitting story for a group of film majors to undertake. A Film is comprised of all film majors: Hurt, Austin Ross, Nathan Regier and Amy West with the film’s marketing being handled in part by Shantanu Sagara.

Nathan Regier, Austin Ross, Alvie and Amy West

Nathan Regier, Austin Ross, Alvie Hurt and Amy West. Photo by: René Bjorheim

“It’s literally getting in the head of a writer,” explained Hurt. “—and that’s where it all came [from].” Hurt previously made this project for one of his production classes at the film school, shooting in two days and editing in one. Displeased with its production value and listening to his friend’s excitement for improving the film, Hurt decided to remake the project and raise enough money to meet his visual expectations.

“I find it very personal to Alvie’s experience and I think that that’s really cool,” said West, one of the producers of the project.

“It’s very relatable, though,” added Regier, the director of photography for A Film, noting that while the story’s main character is a direct reference to Hurt’s experience, viewers can find its appeal in not only the satirical nature of its writing, but the visual parodying of mainstream film styles. “It’s an inside joke that everyone can be apart of,” added West.

The way IndieGogo campaigns work is that, contrary to other crowd funding sites like Kickstarter, the money raised equals money earned for the production even if their projected goal is not met.


The nerves seems undisturbed by the group, although they have never worked with this amount of money. Photo by: René Bjorheim

“This is the most money I’ve ever worked with myself,” said Ross, EPK director for A Film, who was not alone with his statement. Hurt, Regier and West all explained the anxiety working with that amount of money, though their nerves seemed undisturbed with camaraderie at a high.

A Film isn’t the only crowd-funded project being headed by film majors. ArcadeTV and Waterless Petunias all launched this semester and are currently underway, though the team of A Film doesn’t think competition is the right word to describe the other projects. They expressed their love for all members of the other crews and the excitement for the amount of budding talent within the department.

Hurt’s film is set to begin principle photography March 27, following spring break. In addition to A Film, Sagara will be making a film about the making of A Film, to which Hurt added, “Christopher Nolan has nothing on us!”