(left to right) Vincent Mann, Allyson Phillips, David Roth, Phil Hudson, Sarah Oquendo and __

(left to right) Vincent Mann, Allyson Phillips, David Roth, Phil Hudson, Sara Oquendo and Julian Boice

This semester has allowed for a handful of eager film students to embark on their own self-funded ventures including a web series, short/feature films and now a documentary on e-commerce.

Phil Hudson, a Film School sophomore, recently launched an IndieGogo campaign to fund a new documentary on Internet entrepreneurship. A web-entrepreneur himself, Hudson is teaming up with several other film students—ranging in concentrations from production assistance to animation.

Hudson’s background is in Internet marketing and online sales/accounting. He owns his own business, ROCK SEO—a full service Internet marketing agency.

“We are always looking for interns to train and educate, and bring on board for client work where appropriate,” Hudson says regarding the availability of paid jobs for SFUAD students.

“Ever since I was a child I have wanted to be a screenwriter,” said Hudson when asked why a professional with his resume would seek out film school. “I had to pay my bills and business was the way to do that.” Hudson worked as a volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival four years in a row before learning of the opportunities at SFUAD’s Film School.

Film major Vincent Mann prepares a camera for the film's IndieGogo campaign video.  photo by Phil Hudson

Film major Vincent Mann prepares a camera for the film’s IndieGogo campaign video. photo by Phil Hudson

“I got a scholarship off of a script I wrote so I decided to take it on. I saw a transition in the company I worked for and felt it was the right time so I dove in head first and gave up my corporate job to come to film school,” he explained. Hudson is marketing the film himself and is in talks with a news station in Utah that is excited about the film. He also has a list of interview subjects who have expressed interest in offering a talking head including EntrepreneurOnFire.com’s John Lee Dumas who makes an estimated $250K a month online.

After the IndieGogo campaign ends, Hudson hopes to target the film festival circuit.

We are sending out press releases and using marketing strategies and knowledge to get bigger coverage and build buzz for festivals,” he said.

eCommerce: Rise of the Internet Entrepreneur‘s campaign ended March 13 at 11:59 PT. Hudson notes that any student that donates any amount of money will be granted two free ebooks as well as an invitation to a 7 week e-commerce training webinar.