Women’s Appreciation Show

"Woman" director, Tikia "Fame" Hudson. Photo by Kyleigh Carter.

“Woman” director, Tikia “Fame” Hudson. Photo by Kyleigh Carter.

Known for her fantastic production of For Colored Girls, Tikia “Fame” Hudson and the Black Student Union are closing in on debuting their new show Woman or Women’s Appreciation Show. The show is in its third year running. Hudson was inspired to create the project in March of her freshman year when a friend informed her that March was Women’s History Month. Back then the production was a formal play titled For All Girls Who Failed to Commit Suicide on a Sunday Afternoon that Hudson wrote herself, but over the years has evolved into something entirely different. This year, the Women’s Appreciation Show is taking place in April and is more of a showcase of different students talent, similar to the Black History Show back in February.

“This is my baby,” Hudson says. She held auditions April 12 for the show and was excited by the range of acts people brought to the table. The only criteria for each piece is that it has to have something to do with the women’s struggle or the appreciation of women. “I’ve seen everything from singing to dancing, stand up comedy, poetry…It’s really diverse,” Hudson says. There will be a musical tribute to Spanish singing legend Selena Perez by Kayla Sandavol and original rap by Trae Perry.

One thing that is specifically interesting about the show is its outreach to the student body. The BSU set up a Google Docs Survey for students to nominate faculty and staff members who they feel deserve recognition. “We want to honor women on campus who are making a difference, who are great role models to us,” Hudson says. Similar to the prizes given to winners of the Art Talent Show at the Black History Show, the BSU will be honoring specific women at the performance. “It can be anybody,” Hudson says about potential candidates for the honor. “It can be somebody in the front office, a cafeteria lady, a security guard…anyone who isn’t a student.”

The free show will take place on the Quad on Saturday, April 25 during brunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bon Appetite is sponsoring the event and has agreed to serve BBQ ribs and Mac and Cheese as well as to provide paper plates so that students will be able to eat on the Quad as they watch the performance.