Seniors Salute

2015 Jackalope Magazine Seniors! (From left to right) René Bjorheim, Ashley Costello, Nick Martinez, Zoe Baillargeon, Nick Beckman, Charlotte Martinez, Luke Montavon

2015 Jackalope Magazine Seniors! (From left to right) René Bjorheim, Ashley Costello, Nick Martinez, Zoe Baillargeon, Nick Beckman, Charlotte Martinez, Luke Montavon

The 2015 graduates of Jackalope Magazine express their gratitude for Jackalope faculty advisors Julia Goldberg and Tony O’Brien.

Tony has pushed me more in my documentary photography than anyone has in these last two years at SFUAD. I don’t think I would have progressed as much as I have and found my voice without him. He has been an inspiration and a great guidance to me. —Ashley Costello

Julia is my mentor. I would not have had the success I’ve had at this college without her help. Tony is a wonderful man too. He buys me b[everages]. —Nick Martinez

I remember the first time I came to Jackalope looking for Julia’s help with an article to submit for a local internship. I was so nervous because Julia seemed like such a cool and confident teacher and person and I so badly wanted to impress her. Looking back on it, the article I wrote was kind of shit, but she helped me believe in my abilities as a journalist and writer. She recommended I apply to Jackalope [Magazine] and it turned into one of the most rewarding, fun and fulfilling experiences of my college career. Julia has been such a influential part of my last year and a half in college, I’m honored to have had her as a teacher and I’m so grateful for the time I’ve gotten to know her and work with her. Plus we both like “Orphan Black” so that’s awesome! Thank you for everything Julia! And Tony too!! —Zoe Baillargeon

I am very grateful for being a part of Jackalope. Not only have I been able to meet many people, but Tony and Julia have helped me be better. Tony is the perfect head of the photography department. He is a compassionate man who cares about his students as individuals. I feel I can come to his office no matter what I got on my mind, and Tony will listen. He has given me opportunities within photography that I will take with me after graduation. He has pushed me to do more than I thought I was able to and has, without doubt, helped me become a better version of myself. All in all, he is more of a friend than a professor. Thanks!

First time I had to write for Julia’s class (Sexuality and Literature) I cried out of frustration and lack of sleep. But when I received my grade I understood that she is not as intimidating as she might seem at first. She have opened me up to books that I would not have read otherwise and has helped with writing for Jackalope. And have I mentioned that she would bring cookies for every class? Julia tells things as they are, but also respects other’s points of view. She is kind of a badass.  – Rene Koala

One time I interviewed Tony for a documentary (which completely fell through in the end) and we ended up talking about artistic processes and motivations. “You’ve just got to go out and do it,” he said. The only other person I’d heard say those words so frankly and with such confidence was my dad and that really stuck with me. Aside from that, Tony can always keep a conversation and he’s able to match your enthusiasm when just “shootin’ the shit.” 

I took Julia’s Social Movements class my first semester at SFUAD and was kind of intimidated by her. Even though I ended up dropping that class (because 8 a.m. is a ridiculous time for learning). I have been enrolled in one of her classes every semester since. She keeps Jackalope entertaining and definitely isn’t afraid to crack the whip and as I write this it’s starting to sound more and more like an obituary so I suppose it’s time to stop. Thanks for the love and support, I don’t know how I’d deal with my angst otherwise.  —Nick Beckman

Four graduating members of the original Jackalope Magazine, (from left to right) Charlotte Martinez, Nick Martinez, Nick Beckman, Luke Montavon

Four founding members of the Jackalope Magazine, (from left to right) Charlotte Martinez, Nick Martinez, Nick Beckman, Luke Montavon

I can’t believe how quickly these three years of the magazine has past and how far we’ve come as a publication and as a team. Even if I wasn’t trying to become a photojournalist, I don’t know where I would be without Tony and Julia. Both have had unique approaches in the way they teach their respective crafts, but what I think they did best was to let us figure out what Jackalope was going to be and how we were going to do it. Most importantly though, they never gave up on me, despite the immense resistance I offered at different times during class. And for that matter, for me, I never thought of Jackalope as a class, because it really isn’t. Jackalope was an experience more than just allocated time during the week to write and produce stories. It was an opportunity to really discover myself and others and what we all had to offer each other. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s as real as any other newsroom I’ve been in, and the culture is no different. I’m really going to miss my Thursday afternoon deadline. —Luke Montavon

You know how these things are. She was intimidating. Now she’s inspiring. Honestly, Julia Goldberg was not the kind of mentor I imagined myself having five years ago. To be fair, what I imagined was myself in an isolated forest, perhaps sipping tea, writing under the supervision of a Greek goddess. But because Julia helped me live in the real world, telling real stories, I would now feel grossly misplaced and useless in a forest.

If she didn’t say it over the years, then Julia certainly implied it: writing comes from communities and from communication. It certainly has the power to change one. She probably didn’t say that, because if she had I feel like I wouldn’t have turned my back on her early encouragements in journalism. “I would sooner die!” I think I said. I don’t get it. Did she cast a spell on me? Twist my arm despite my relative size to her’s? All I can say now is damn you, Julia. I’m one of you now! And I’m forever grateful.

 Tony, I will always have your wisdom in my head while taking a picture, and just as equally when I’m not. —Charlotte Martinez