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What’s Up, Doc?

Who’s that man at the Plaza with the funny hat? If you ask him his real name, he won’t tell you. You can just call him “Doc.” If you ask him how old he is, he’ll give you his age in months (929). Doc moved to Santa Fe from New Hampshire 50 years ago. He made his home in a 25-foot teepee in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and hasn’t left the city since. Doc attracts locals and tourists alike on the streets of downtown Santa Fe, with his unusual dress and amusing anecdotes. His hat is piled high with peacock feathers, owl claws and fishing lures. Animal furs line his jacket. He finds the animals dead on the side of the road, skins them, then leaves the carcasses out for his pet coyotes. When he’s not regaling visitors with historical wisdom on the occasional tour of the city, Doc likes to observe the carnival of life as it marches down West San Francisco Street.

(Photos by Christy Marshall)