Water Conservation Documentary


Film School Junior Johnny Vigil. Photo by Marco Rivera.

While taking a field ecology class at Santa Fe Community College several years ago, Film School Junior Johnny Vigil became interested in Santa Fe’s water system. As a part of the class, students took field trips to locations where they would collect samples and make observations. During a field trip to Santa Fe’s reservoir, Vigil said he felt his eyes opened to something he’d never considered.

“I guess I always assumed we just had this magic pipe that would pump our water,” Vigil said. “After taking that trip, I saw all of the wildlife. It really changed me. I saw the delicate ecosystem that provides our water.”

Vigil said he was especially struck by the realization that the city’s water comes from a natural source. After the trip, he began to take notice of his own daily water usage. He started trying to find new ways to conserve water, such as simply turning off the sink while he brushed his teeth or taking shorter showers.

Now, Vigil is at work on a short documentary about Santa Fe’s water usage. In particular, Vigil is attempting to highlight the ways Santa Fe conserves its water. Additionally, he said he hopes to show individuals how they can be conservative in terms of their own personal water usage.

“It got me thinking,” Vigil said. “The water in Santa Fe is really precious. Is it sustainable?”


Film School Junior Johnny Vigil. Photo by Marco Rivera.

The documentary will feature B-roll footage of the reservoir, which Vigil will be obtaining this week. Additionally, Vigil said he hopes to interview city officials in order to learn about the city’s methods of water conservation.

“I really just want to inform my peers, my family and our city,” Vigil said. “Maybe I can even make it educational for students in elementary schools, middle schools.”

Vigil’s focus as a Film major is in story development, but while he has never worked at length on a project of this sort, he said he feels that it is his responsibility to make sure others are informed. He said he believes that as a Film major, he has been provided the tools to give his curiosities a voice. Additionally, Vigil was born in Santa Fe and said this gives him a special attachment to the people around him.

“I love the city I’ve grown up in,” said Vigil. “I totally want to inspire students of all ages to do whatever they want to do to make Santa Fe a better place. I want to give back to my community.”