Mary Beth Lindsey: ESC

Mary-Beth Lindsey answers the phone at the welcome center. Photo by Christy Marshall

Mary-Beth Lindsey answers the phone at the welcome center. Photo by Christy Marshall

“I like to be helpful, I like to give people information…I like to communicate. I am a Gemini.”

Mary Beth Lindsey is the enrollment support coordinator at SFUAD. Her main duties as ESC are to provide information to whomever needs it, whether it be prospective students (and/or their parents), or helping current students connect with the right people. Her dynamic and active energy is important for all the face time that’s required. “My main goal is to be nice,” she says, and, “to be a cohesive person for other people.”

Lindsey works with many folks on campus: students, admin, faculty and staff. “I pitch in where people need me to,” she says.

Malcom Morgan, enrollment advisor for the Performing Arts Department, says Lindsey makes, “coming to work a lot more fun…It’s really nice to have [her] energy in your work environment.”

Lindsey graduated from the College of Santa Fe in musical theater and began her career at SFUAD in Nov. 2007. Her position entails working with and training the student ambassadors, some 19 of them, and on the enrollment side, she says, “I have two [College Service Award students]…who help me with daily tasks [and] daily tours. I [also] delegate the open houses, coordinate those and coordinate anything with the student ambassadors.” In addition, Lindsey answers the phones, works with department chairs—especially for tours—and helps enrollment advisors with training.

Christine Guevara, director of enrollment, says of Lindsey, “Mary Beth is a joy to work with! She goes out of her way every day to make sure our guests are cared for and [she] makes an excellent first impression for the university.”

Lindsey is also an artist at heart. She’s acted for TV and film, and performed many times in drag shows at Skylight Nightclub. She does improv in Albuquerque and has tried stand-up–not an easy thing to do. Being on an art-focused campus is beneficial to both her and students.

She is the glue, a powerhouse who handles many moving parts, “We are so many universes on this one university,” she says, and keeping everything together is her mission.


See Lindsey in action at 8 p.m. on June 18, the weekend before Pride, at the Skylight Nightclub. This is an 18+ event.