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Cast list for Villa Capri. Photo by Kevin Brennan.

Cast list for Villa Capri. Photo by Kevin Brennan.

Over the summer, action-comedy Villa Capri starring Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones and Rene Russo, was filmed in various locations in New Mexico. Ex-FBI agent (Jones) and ex-mob lawyer (Freeman) are forced to put aside their differences to fend off the mob, all the while on vacation in Palm Springs, Calif. The production needed more hands than the budget allowed so production teams sent out calls for interns, giving college students the opportunity to gain experience working on a professional film set. Kevin Brennan, a professional television video-editor turned SFUAD film student who was eager to learn more about film jumped at the opportunity.

Brennan’s work on set ranged from taking down decorations to standing outside the Four Seasons in Tesuque ushering pedestrians and cars away from set. “This is the reason I came back to school, for opportunities like this,” he says. As most film students know, being a part of a film, paid or unpaid, is about the connections. He ate lunch with the production team, casually sharing conversation with highly ranked crew members. “Kevin showed up to do whatever was asked of him.  He smiled, jumped when needed and never questioned any ask that came his way. It was an absolute pleasure to have Kevin on our team.  He made my day often,” Tara Tovarek, the film’s production supervisor says.

Brennan previously attended the University of Alabama and graduated with a degree in broadcasting. Brennan planned on going into documentary television but decided to pursue video editing for an NBC affiliate. Brennan says he felt miserable working there and left to work as a freelance video editor and graphic artist for NBC in Charlotte, NC. Brennan went on to work as a staff video editor for a CBS affiliate in Atlanta, Ga, editing its afternoon and evening news programs. He was then promoted to media manager and lead-editor for Special Divisions Projects. Brennan has quite an impressive list of accolades to accompany his experience. He was named as one of the best video editors in North America by the National Press Photographers Association in June 2015. Brennan was also named the first runner-up for the Best in Journalism: Video Editor of the Year competition. Although Brennan had worked as a paid professional in the industry before, he didn’t hesitate to work unpaid and gain experience.

Brennan explains an editing project to fellow Film student. Photo by Kim Jones.

Brennan explains an editing project to fellow film student. Photo by Kim Jones.

Brennan left Atlanta to move to Santa Fe to attend SFUADs Spring ’16 semester. He is a film major pursuing a BFA in Cinema Post-Production. “By attending Santa Fe University, Kevin is reinventing himself for an unparalleled career in video effects. Any person who is so motivated to make a radical change in their life path will easily succeed in whatever they desire. It is no question Kevin will achieve his wants and dreams,” Tovarek says. Although Brennan specializes in video editing, he suspects he may create an independent production company, Smoking Rabbit Productions, so he can eventually be at the top of the film food chain.