DFC Dodgeball

What was once a dreaded rainy day PE activity during middle school is now a favorite of many art students at SFUAD. From 8-10 p.m. on Wednesday nights at the gym in the Driscoll Fitness Center, students pelt each other with foam balls and nimbly avoid any being thrown at them. Intramural Coordinator at the DFC JK Smith claims that this weekly event is important to art students who have few options to channel athletic energy on campus. This tradition has been occurring for more than 15 years—since before the College of Santa Fe became Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Dodgeball is open to all students, and no sign-up is required. To keep things interesting, if a student participates on Oct. 26, they are encouraged to wear their Halloween costume. In addition, a tournament is anticipated to be scheduled after Thanksgiving that will require forming teams and signing-up. The effort and physical excursion will be worth it when the winning team receives an awesome prize.