Halloween at SFUAD


Halloween on the campus of Santa Fe University of Art and Design is probably the most embraced holiday of the year. Art students are enthusiastic to express their creativity through unique costumes and other events put on throughout the week. On Oct. 29, the Student Activities Board hosted “Abducted”—a dance and costume party. Students jammed to loud music as characters from their favorite stories, TV shows and movies under flashing lights in the gym at the Driscoll Fitness Center. On Oct. 31, anyone on campus was likely to run into students going about their normal class schedule as someone—or something—completely different. In addition, Student Life Coordinator Malcom Morgan put together a supply of chalk in front of Mouton Hall encouraging students to use the concrete as their canvas. After many students emailed photos of their masterpieces, he rewarded the student he believed created the most impressive piece. Halloween was a great source of enthusiasm for students just a week after surviving midterms, and many wish it was not only once a year.