Student Spotlight

Sophomore Performing Arts major Niko’a Salas came to SFUAD because the school encourages not only individual but also multiple artistic concentrations. In his second year at SFUAD, Salas has taken dancing, writing and music classes and has also completed a spoken word album using his own musical compositions. Appearing in more than 30 student films, he is using this experience to create an acting demo reel. Salas has been acting since he was seven years old but only realized he wanted to pursue acting as a career in 2011 when good friend and actor Steve Small, director of the Addison Repertory Theater, told him that “acting is actually a career, believe it or not.”

From Starksboro, VT, Salas wants to use his strengths and weaknesses to tell stories. He wants to inspire and encourage people the way he was by his loving parents and friends. After graduation, Salas plans on acquiring an agent here in Santa Fe to help him gain experience and credibility and build his resume. “It’s a dream of mine to live and work as an actor in Vancouver.”