1905 Benefit Show

The 1905 Magazine Benefit Show, presented by Strangers Collective, will be held on Saturday Feb. 18. Photo by Saul G. Hodgers.

1905 Magazine is a digital magazine founded three years ago by Santa Fe University of Art and Design senior Mariah Romero and alumnus Darnell Thomas. Artists from many different fields such as design, photography and writing, amongst others, contribute to the quarterly publication. As the magazine continues to gain viewership, Romero and Thomas are taking their creative vision to the Santa Fe community at large. Romero and Thomas talk with Jackalope Magazine about the beginnings of 1905, their inspiration and the pop-up fashion event being presented in collaboration with Strangers Collective on Saturday, Feb. 18.


Jackalope Magazine: Can you explain what 1905 Magazine is and why you both personally felt compelled to start it in 2014?

1905 Magazine: 1905’s style is all about self-love, community and having a creative voice. We wanted to start that form of community here and amongst our peers. In 2014, we both were looking for some outlets to express ourselves as far as fashion and style go. Our friends, teachers and magazines that we loved inspired us to take this bold leap into making a digital magazine.


What are your feelings about the fashion scene in Santa Fe, and what are you hoping to contribute to it?

The fashion scene here has a lot of potential to grow but is still artsy and creative. People here wear what they want and they exude confidence. We think there are a lot of individuals that put their own twist on style and that is what inspires us. [We are] pushing to have a fashion community for the young community to express themselves, which shows a level of self love.


What has been the most surprising or unexpected thing about running a digital publication?

The feedback, for sure. 1905 has reached a small community and it pushes others to either do their own thing or collaborate with us and create magic. This is fun for all of us and it isn’t just about running a digital magazine, but also about conveying a strong message to our readers. We wouldn’t be who we are without our readers and contributors.


In what ways will this show will be help 1905 Magazine? How long have you been planning and preparing?

The benefit show is to help 1905 Magazine elevate to that next step. We are going to be selling merchandise and artwork that will range from $2 to $150. This show is for everyone who wants to come out and just enjoy the night. Since the Strangers Collective will be helping us put on this benefit show, it required us to plan at least six months in advance. This included reaching out to press, getting in touch with contributors for submissions and getting prepared to release another issue.

Darnell Thomas and Mariah Romero took their passion for fashion to the page in 2014. Photo by Ysidro Barela.

Do you feel as though the environment at SFUAD contributed to where you are creatively?

The fact that all of your friends and peers are artists and think creatively is inspiring. Not only did our peers inspire us, some of our professors inspired us and pushed us to do better by simply offering critiques here and there. We just want to thank all of our contributors, readers and mentors.


Do you think there are benefits to artists collaborating with each other on creative projects?

Of course! We think artists should collaborate all of the time. Because we have friends that are into style and design, it wasn’t complicated for us to create work with our peers. You never know who will notice your collaborative work and who can give you your big start in your career. Anything is possible and the sky’s the limit, so keep creating.


What are your plans for the future?

Our first step is to get an official website where everything 1905 is in one realm and easily attainable. We would love to continue working with amazing artists and reaching out to a bigger audience. Even though we are only a digital magazine right now, we do have plans on converting to print. Lets just say that the end goal is for 1905 Magazine to be our only job.


This interview was conducted via email and has been edited for style and clarity.


The 1905 Magazine Benefit Show is free to the public and will be held at 7 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 18 at 54 ½ East San Francisco Street, #7.