Ready for a Break

Midterm week is drawing to a close at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and students are prepping for Spring Break. Jackalope Magazine asked several students about how their exams were going and what their break plans are.

Ida Fox, a contemporary music sophomore, enjoys lunch after finishing her midterms up. Photo by Lexi Malone.

Contemporary Music Program sophomore Ida Fox, decompressing after finishing her midterms, is going back home to San Francisco for a few days before visiting her birth mother in Oregon. “I’m definitely excited, we might get a couple tattoos together so that’ll be really cool,” she said.

Photography majors Lynne Diaz and Jaismine Sifuentes, along with Theatre major Gus Palma said that their midterms were not going too well. “Midterms are midterms; you gotta get them done in order to succeed, I guess,” Palma shrugged. For Spring Break, Diaz will be taking care of her pregnant cat; Sifuentes will be returning home to El Paso; and Palma will be taking a couple friends home to Colorado to “have a blast.”

Lynne Diaz (photo major), Jaismine SiFuentes (photo major) and Gus Palma (theater major) all enjoy lunch together. Photo by Lexi Malone.

Thomas Pettey, another Theatre student, will be catching up on some much needed sleep. Matt Shutske, also Theatre, is relieved that his biggest midterm is now over and will be staying on campus over break (and, according to the playfully mouthed words of classmate Megan Colburn over his shoulder, partying).

Thomas Pettey, a musical theater major, holds two thumbs up at lunch. Photo by Lexi Malone

Friends Elva Arroyo and Lorenzo Diaz, both Digital Arts and Visual Development majors, will be with family over the break. Arroyo has to get her wisdom teeth pulled out and is nervous about what she may say under anesthesia. “I don’t want my mom to find out anything [that I don’t want her to know about],” she joked. Diaz will be attending his sibling’s soccer tournament back in Phoenix, a familiar trip as he just recently got back from his other brother’s winning soccer game.

Design Communications student Tienna Mitchell feels confident about her midterms, and will be traveling to Austin to “get into some shenanigans,” she says. Studio Arts majors Maia Sterling and Ashley Garcia also feel pretty good about their midterms; Sterling said her only difficult one was for art history. Both are staying on campus for break. Sterling will be working on homework and Garcia will be installing for the show she’s going to be in soon.

Matt Shutske, a musical theater major, at lunch. Photo by Lexi Malone

For students staying at school for the week of freedom, Campus Life Coordinator Malcom Morgan and the Student Life team are facilitating three Mystery Trips for students to attend throughout the week. The trips are free and a shuttle provided, but spots are limited, so sign up by Sunday March 12 by 11:59 p.m. by emailing Morgan.

Jackalope Magazine wishes everyone luck on their midterms, and please have a fun and safe Spring Break!