Boogie Nights

On April 10, Film major La Charles Trask directed a music video at Rockin Roller Event Arena in Santa Fe featuring several artists, including Red Ronin, Amber Edwards and Niza Clark. The set included more than 50 extras who were invited by Trask to skate for free in the background. Starting at 9 p.m., the production was shot all through the night until final wrap at 5 a.m.. Having only five days to prep this shoot seemed like a daunting task, but Trask and his crew pulled it off with ease and utmost professionalism. “It was a good challenge doing this, I really couldn’t have pulled it off without my elite team members consisting of alumni and students,” Trask says. “Usually production takes weeks to months of slow planning but when I do things it’s all about executing it and making it look good as fast as possible. Just one more step to get out in the real world and keep pushing out content.”