Campus Easter Egg Hunt

The few smaller children enjoyed playing games more than gathering eggs. Photo by Sasha Hill

During the morning of April 15, Campus Life Coordinator Malcom Morgan and his team of work study students placed nearly 2,000 Easter eggs all over the Quad. As 2 p.m. rolled around and students showed up with baskets, the air was buzzing with pre-egg hunt excitement. Students, staff and even young children showed up for some free candy and the possibility of prizes.

While the egg hunt had been scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m., as the temperature continued to rise, Morgan made the decision to start the hunt early. “The chocolates were melting and everyone was basically here,” he says. With a signal from Morgan, those attending dashed into the egg zone that has been clearly laid out prior to the hunt. Due to the students’ ferocity, the egg hunt lasted only a few minutes. “I kind of forget we were playing with adults,” Morgan says with a laugh at how fast the eggs were snatched up. “There were some students who were here way early, kind of scouting out the eggs,” he says, followed by a chorus of “I was just standing around!” and “I wasn’t doing anything!” by a group of students behind him.

Freshman Film major Addison Standley won the award for the most collected in a group effort with a total of over 260 eggs. Photo by Sasha Hill

Prizes were given out for the most eggs collected as well as for anyone who found a gold or silver egg. Those who found these metallic eggs were given prizes ranging from a hair curling wand to a full size tent. Students could also search for glitter eggs which contained anywhere from $5-$10 tickets that could be exchanged for cash. Those who collected the most eggs won gift cards to various businesses such as Starbucks and Amazon. The most eggs found was more than 260 in a matter of minutes, a feat for which Freshman Film major Addison Standley won a Dominos gift card.

Jenny Wilson from the Business Office brought her two daughters to the event, although the hunt was nearly over. Her seven year old, Mika  ran around with some of the other kids after the event started to slow down.  “[The egg hunt] was cool…My friend was there and she gave me some of her eggs because I only found one,” Mika says, smiling at her basket.

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