SFUAD Superlatives

In these last couple of days of spring at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, before the class of 2017 graduate and many others transfer, what better way to celebrate your friends and peers than to throw back to high school yearbook shenanigans? I give you: the first ever SFUAD Superlatives!

Student artists of every discipline, social circle and year (even a few alumni!) were nominated and voted on by each other. Look below to find yourself or your friends!


Class Clown

Winner: Warren Couvillion, junior film

Second Place: Aidan Kunze

Third Place: Chantelle Mitchell

Most Likely to Become a Superstar and Forget All About Us

Winner: La’Charles Trask, junior film

Second Place: Rachel Rupard

Third Place: Tawanda Seussbrich-Joaquim

Biggest Flirt

Winner: Alex Slim, junior theatre

Second Place: Caleb Garvin

Third Place: Kayla “Goldie” Casiano

Best Buds

Winner: Omar Hilario & Warren Couvillion, junior films

Second Place: Brendan Boyle & Marshall Leming

Third Place: Maddy Sardina & Brianna Neumann

Most Unique Wardrobe

Winner: Otto Yunker, sophomore film

Second Place: Hawie Reyne Veniegas

Third Place (tie): Jonah Rydin / Marisa Doherty / Michael Clark

Most Likely to be Abducted by Aliens

Winner: Airon “Ridd” Malone, junior film

Second Place: Salem Farrell

Third Place: Chris Marrin

Stingiest with Their Food

Winner: Sara Cunningham, junior music production

Second Place: Isaac Navarro

Third Place: Kylie Yockey

Biggest Partier

Winner: David Church, junior film

Second Place: Adam Troyer

Third Place: Leidy Gonzalez

Cutest Couple

Winner: Omar Hilario & Warren Couvillion

This pair was noted as a joke nomination, so let us also celebrate our Second Place winners and their recent engagement: Andrew Koss & Amaya Hoke, graduate and senior creative writing

Third Place (tie): Caylor Klinkenborg & Katie Lewis / Meg Colburn & Marshall Leming

Most Likely to Become Internet Famous

Winner: Rufino Medrano, junior communication design

Second Place: Max Marriner

Third Place: Tawanda Suessbrich-Joaquim

Best Dad Jokes

Winner: Andrew Koss, graduate creative writing

Second Place: David Church

Third Place: Thomas Magnuson

Best Hugs

Winner: Warren Couvillion

Second Place: David Church

Third Place: Analyss Robles

Last but certainly not least…

Most Likely to Never be Heard From Again

Winner: Brantlee Reid, senior creative writing

Thank you everyone for your participation in this fun, silly little end-of-semester article. Everyone have safe and excellent summers!