Breaking the Fast

At 7:30 a.m., Sept. 8, Malcom Morgan, the Campus Life coordinator, was standing at the doors of Smith’s grocery. As he approached the bagel display, a bakery worker stocked fresh bagels. These soft warm bagels were destined to be eaten by the students and staff of SFUAD. After his stop at Smith’s, Morgan zoomed over to Dunkin Donuts and picked up a variety of breakfast tacos stuffed with hot sausage, eggs and cheese. Being the thoughtful person that he is, Morgan also got a little something for the non meat eaters. When I arrived at Mouton Hall, a smorgasbord of food awaited. I was thoroughly impressed with the variety of drinks, edibles and condiments. I munched on a bacon taco while students entered the building to eat. As more people appeared, the environment in the Student Life hallway began to liven with laughter and chit chat about the upcoming day’s events.