Staff: Mary Beth Lindsey

Mary Beth Lindsey working double duty. Photo by Sasha Hill

Mary Beth Lindsey is SFUAD’s jack of all trades. This multitasking woman is from Dallas, Texas and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico 14 years ago. She is currently working with the registrar, transcript department, student life, academics, campus life and is the admin for the school’s president. She took on many roles due to SFUAD’s teach out. She is saddened to see SFUAD closing. Lindsey has an attachment to this campus that extends to when the school was the College of Santa Fe, where she received a degree in theater. She started working with Santa Fe University of Art and Design six years ago in the enrollment department. Lindsey is a host and member of the musical group the Jewel Box Cabaret. June 2018 is her goodbye to SFUAD. She will be moving to Colorado and hopes to work with a community college and help young adults find their way.