Off-roading in Pecos

Raymond Mocho once was a student studying photography at SFUAD, until the announcement of the school closure earlier this year. He is now attending Santa Fe Community College until he figures out all of his options. Since he has the extra free time, he spends it by taking the fewer traveled roads of the Pecos wilderness just 20 miles east of Santa Fe, in his four-wheel drive Ford.  On Oct. 10, Mocho spent the evening in the mountains exploring until it became too dangerous to drive through the darkness. “Off-roading is something I have always been intrigued by but it wasn’t until recently that I just got a four-wheel drive car. It really gives me the opportunity to explore more of nature and actually see what’s out there,” Mocho says. “Off-roading in New Mexico has been amazing so far, I can’t wait until I head up to Utah with my Ford and adventure up there.”