Staff: Deanne Brown

SFUAD Career Counselor. Photo by Sasha Hill

Every student meets Deanne Brown before they leave SFUAD. She is the schools career counselor. Brown talks with students about their plans for the future, job opportunities and general guidance from one human to another. This cheerful and humble woman was born in Arkansas and raised on a farm in Salem, Ohio. In high school, she was given a scholarship for the College of Santa Fe and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from CSF, where she was employed while working on the latter. During her final year at CSF, the school closed down via a teach out. Brown worked at the Santa Fe Art Institute, teaching art to children in detention centers and then came to Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She moved from New Mexico to Montana where she was a counselor for numerous schools. She would help first generation high school kids get into college. Brown developed a love for jam making while in rainy Montana. She is planning to stay in Santa Fe, NM after SFUAD closes. She will not look for future employment till the school closes in May, 2018. Brown is committed to SFUAD and all the students currently enrolled.