ABQ Balloon Fiesta


The eerie feeling that a Friday the 13th brings was far from the lush, green fields of Albuquerque’s 2017 Balloon Fiesta. The early morning started around 5:45 a.m. with the Dawn Patrol lighting up the dark morning and launching to test the winds, hoping for the green flag that signals an all clear for the rest of the balloons to launch. All the tests were positive and the green flag was raised clearing the way for a massive launch of hundreds of balloons. Family, friends and spectators from all around gathered to witness the colorful balloons fill with hot air and launch into the cool, fall morning. The weather was perfect for the season and helped lend to the excitement of the fiesta. The usual fiesta fare was in full force as well. The smell of breakfast burritos, doughnuts and hot chocolate filled the air and bellies of many. All aspects of the event came together to make for a perfect fiesta. Albuquerque’s 2017 Balloon Fiesta was a fun event enjoyed by all.