Halloween Film Favorites

With Halloween less than a week away, the festivities have begun. Students of Santa Fe University of Art and Design partake in Halloween Week, a week of dressing up in costumes, and Mouton Hall is decorated with spiderwebs, skulls and an open casket. Many students have favorite Halloween movies, while others have horror movies they love to watch on Halloween. A common favorite among the student body was Trick ‘r Treat. Five seniors share their favorite Halloween movies with Jackalope Magazine.


Illustration Senior Maya Austin. Photo by Sasha Hill.

Maya Austin, Digital Arts Illustration: “My favorite Halloween movie is Carrie. You know how you’re in high school and you’re just starting to learn about prom and stuff. I think that’s something that people watch and they’re like, ‘oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me.’ And I felt like even after I watched it, even if I go to a party or something and I’m the center of attention, I don’t want pig’s blood spilling on me. The relationship between the mother and the daughter is kind of, I guess hits home for some people and for me, it’s like that’s something that I wouldn’t want portrayed with my mother. It’s really scary. I think that’s the worst fear of it all…someone that you trust is someone [who] doesn’t love you at all. [Carrie] is honestly a classic and should already be a staple.”




Theater Senior Vic Bell. Photo by Sasha Hill.

Vic Bell, Theater Performance: [My favorite is] Trick ‘r Treat. I always love the vignette style of stories…And I like horror movies, I’m a huge horror junkie, and I really like horror movies that follow rules…I also like the fact that it’s so many different stories and so many different people, but it all ties together into this really cool big picture. And plus, I read the comics, well, the one comic that we can find that isn’t part of the movie, and it’s just this really cool thing of…this monster, the creature in the movie, [that] has always been around, always enforcing rules, and always enforcing the way the world is supposed to work, at least on this one night.




Digital Arts Senior Ryan Neal. Photo by Sasha Hill.

Ryan Neal, Digital Arts: “My favorite would have to be Friday the 13th. I like Friday the 13th just simply because to me it is basically the definition of a slasher film. Like, if you looked it up in the dictionary, you could see Jason Voorhees mask in the definition as opposed to a dictionary definition. And I like the character of Jason just simply because he’s this unthinking, unfeeling, unstoppable force. And to me, what makes him stand out from other slashers is that he actually has superhuman regenerative capability but we’re never explained why that is. Which is…how they get away with making a bunch of different schlocky sequels in a row…It’s just fun to watch.”




Film Senior Ryan Schoultz. Photo by Sasha Hill.

Ryan Schoultz, Film: “I want to talk about Cabin in the Woods. It is a satire of other…horror films and I think it’s really funny. It’s a really clever film…Just how it sort of plays with different story aspects of other horror films and turns it on its head…there’s one scene where there’s the horror thing outside and they say they should all stick together. And then a mist comes out and goes up someone’s nose and they go, ‘oh no, we should split apart’…It just has some funny aspects to it. Like, there’s the stoner in the film…[and] the weed is what keeps him from falling prey to the thing, which is hilarious. It’s just a good film. You should totally watch it.”




Creative Writing Senior Ivy Stover. Photo by Sasha Hill.

Ivy Stover, Creative Writing: “[My favorite is] The Nightmare Before Christmas…It’s so much fun. There’s a lot happening and there’s a lot of cool characters and different characters. There’s a trio or maybe quartet of vampires, but it’s not just a vampire movie. There’s a werewolf but it’s not just a werewolf movie. There’s so much going on and the idea of a world that’s centered around a holiday and one like Halloween is kind of epic. And then these two holidays, the different holiday worlds meeting and being like, ‘what the heck is all of this?’ is just fun…it’s a classic. You can watch it on Halloween, you can watch it on Christmas, you can watch it in the middle…It’s good every time you see it. You get to notice little things about different characters and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great movie.”