Student Spotlight: Whitney Wernick


Whitney Wernick is a senior photography major with a concentration in commercial photography. Hailing from Grapevine, Texas, she is also minoring in studio arts. With the support of her parents, Wernick has been involved in the arts since a very young age. Painting has always been a specialty for her as she found it palliative, but it wasn’t until high school when she found a talent for photography. Wernick chose SFUAD after searching for private art schools and has been here all four years. Excelling in her work, Wernick has found employment as an assistant to the renowned commercial photographer Peter Ogilvie. Originally drawn to his fine art work, Wernick is now absorbing all she can assisting in his commercial endeavors. After graduation, Wernick plans on staying local and staying with Ogilvie. Currently she is volunteering, for her second year, at the Review Santa Fe Photo Festival with Center for Photographic Arts. Review Santa Fe Photo Festival is a juried portfolio review event with an international reputation that is happening from Oct. 25-29, 2017.