Staff: Anita Keim

Financial Aid Director Anita Keim. Photo by Sasha Hill

Director of Financial Aid Anita Keim came to Santa Fe, NM from Lafayette, Indiana. Two weeks after she married, her first introduction into financial aid came via a cosmetology school. She left with her family to pursue careers in Little Rock, Arkansas. During her short stay in Little Rock, Keim was the financial aid coordinator for ITT Technical Institute.¬† She has been with SFUAD for two years. Due to the Teach Out, Keim also manages transfer grants, where she assists students with paperwork and filing requests for grants to be paid. After SFUAD’s closure in 2018, Keim is going to stay in Santa Fe with her husband and three children. She enjoys the personal interaction that comes with helping students and is contemplating working with Santa Fe Community College in its Financial Aid office. Keim has another option to continue working with¬†Laureate Corporation¬† via Walden University.