Staff: Tina LaCaze

Registrar, Tina LaCaze. Photo by Sasha Hill

Tina LaCaze is the registrar for Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She came to Santa Fe, NM 31 years ago from Natchitoches, LA, where she received her degree in theater from Northwest State University. LaCaze began working as assistant registrar at Santa Fe Community College in 1991. Her field required her to use technology such as databases and systems management. LaCaze later retired from SFCC with the realization that she enjoys an environment where young people are filled with curiosity, hope and ambition to become better versions of themselves. This discovery led her to apply with SFUAD three years ago. LaCaze will stay with SFUAD till the doors close June 30, 2018. She is determined to stay in Santa Fe and continue in the education field by possibly becoming a principal at a local high school. She has also dreamed of going back to Louisiana and becoming a librarian if opportunities arise.