Staff: Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson, SFUAD’s accountant. Photo by Sasha Hill

Jenny Wilson is Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s accountant. She was born in Cincinnati, OH and moved to Germany as a child due to her mother, who worked for the government. Wilson moved to Santa Fe, NM during her junior year of high school. She now has two children and a degree in business administration from the College of Santa Fe. She simultaneously attended classes and worked at CSF as the main accountant. Luckily, Wilson got to stay on as accountant till the closing of CSF. Her position was carried over during the transition and she continued as SFUAD’s accountant. She is staying in Santa Fe and financial department after the close out in 2018. After her kids finish schooling she will finish her master’s degree in accounting. Until then, Wilson wants to stay in higher education and is contemplating working for SFCC or IAIA.