Glyph 2018

Submissions for the 2018 edition of Glyph are currently open.

The publication of Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s annual literary magazine, Glyph, is an event the entire community looks forward to each year. Students from every major submit hundreds of pages of work to a team of student editors from the Creative Writing and Literature Department who work relentlessly throughout the semester and present a book full of impressive writing by SFUAD students in the spring. Due to the university closing in May 2018, and the smaller number of students and faculty on campus, the future of Glyph was uncertain when the semester began. Then members of the Student Writers Association stepped up in hopes of keeping the literary magazine afloat for one last year.

“I just really wanted to keep Glyph going because it was honestly the most special thing to me at SFUAD,” Brianna Neumann, Glyph Editor-in-Chief says. “I never did great at actual school and then I had to drop out for a couple different reasons (money, lack of motivation, etc.) and I was just really sad to see SFUAD go. Being there, and being in the CWL department, had meant so much to me, and Glyph really felt like the epitome of that. So it was selfishly motivated, but I also felt like SFUAD and CWL deserved one last Glyph, since it was so beautiful and special.”

Neumann and Fall 2017 CWL graduates Kylie Yockey and Madeleine Sardina are working hard to organize the editorial team for next semester. Yockey and Sardina are currently serving as president and vice president of the Student Writers Association and Neumann has extensive experience with Glyph, having been a part of the editing staff in both 2016 and 2017. The three are currently seeking editors (current students, alumni, transfer-outs) who will be in Santa Fe during the spring semester, as well as writing and art submissions. “I think it’s important to continue Glyph in this last semester because, since this issue will be the last one ever, it’s more important than ever to showcase and celebrate the amazing artists that this school has homed,” Yockey says. “The inclusion of both SFUAD and [College of Santa Fe] students, writers and artists past and present, feels really special. How could we pass on the final ability to give our community an opportunity like Glyph? We’re really grateful to the faculty, administrators, alumni and peers that are making this happen for all of us.”

All current students, alumni (SFUAD and CSF) and transfer-outs are welcome to submit work, as well apply for a position as an editor. A major change with this edition of Glyph will be the the inclusion of visual art rather than just writing.

“I think it’ll be different this year because it will be completely student-based,” Neumann says. “We don’t have a faculty advisor or anything like that. It’s just gonna be us and a big pile of submissions and an attempt to make something beautiful as a last hurrah for SFUAD. It’s not a class or anything – it’s really just like, a way of remembering the school.”

The deadline to apply for a position on the editing staff is Dec. 1. Those interested should send in a cover letter including relevant experience. The deadline for writing and art submissions (no more than 15 pages of work) is Dec. 15. Send all cover letters and submissions to