Alumni Profile: Nathally Botelho


Guest column by Fabrizio Ferri, SFUAD Class of 2017


Nathally Botelho graduated from Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2016. Originally, she moved to Santa Fe from São Paulo, Brazil through the international partnership SFUAD and the college she attended in her home town. Botelho’s perseverance, talent and hard work, while still a student, enchanted professionals from the film industry and, during the Shoot the Stars in 2015, film camera professional Greg Eichman, after encountering Botelho’s skills on set, opened the doors of the film industry for her.

Now at the age of 25, Botelho has worked on major Hollywood productions, including Hostiles, currently in theaters around the world, the recent critically acclaimed series “Godless” and also “Longmire,” which was shot at Garson Studios. For years after moving to the United States, the young woman struggled daily for women’s rights in the male-dominated industry, and is now New Mexico’s younger production designer, having designed two feature films with international recognition and is at the moment in pre-production for large productions that will take place in 2018.

“Santa Fe is a city full of art and culture of all kinds,” Botelho says. “Santa Fe’s programs include galleries, art exhibitions, and art making, and I was involved in the creation of an incredible interactive art exhibit that connected me with talented artists from all over the world that have further expanded my artistic repertoire. SFUAD was certainly a magical place that gave me a broad vision of art and life where I had the opportunity to share my art with the world. I’m very grateful.”

Living in New Mexico since 2013, Botelho promises to revolutionize the art in Hollywood and show the world that women and the immigrants are capable of amazing results. In such a short career, she has won awards in several film festivals in the United States and Europe and wants to achieve much more.

She is an example of strength, determination, and success. She has surprised and attracted the looks and attention of major Hollywood producers. She is an extremely talented upcoming Production Designer and promises that she will be remembered for her work and career being an influence on people who are coming next seeking a dream.