Feminist Collective Returns Feb05

Feminist Collective Returns

After a semester long hiatus, the Feminist Collective had its first meeting of the year Feb. 28. With a nearly packed room, the Collective kicked off a great start to the new semester, outlining a number of its goals.

Saqeef Ali: Behind The Scenes Feb05

Saqeef Ali: Behind The Scenes...

When Contemporary Music Major Saqeef Ali performed for his SFUAD audition, he did so as a singer. However, after taking his first recording techniques class, he began to discover a new passion: one he would never have seen himself enjoying before he came to SFUAD.

Snowy week at SFUAD Feb05

Snowy week at SFUAD

A cold front in Santa Fe left its mark on campus.

Student Body Art Feb05

Student Body Art

SFUAD students share their body art, and the stories behind the tattoos.

Student Writers Association

The Creative Writing and Literature Department’s Student Writers Association offers open-mics, workshops and other opportunities for generating, writing and publishing students’ work.

“Jazz Greats”

Paul Slaughter’s “Jazz Greats” photography exhibit will be followed by a Contemporary Music Program concert featuring faculty and student musicians.

Gatsby Gambling Night Feb05

Gatsby Gambling Night...

Gatsby Gambling Night is a recurring event put on by the Student Activities Board (SAB) and a favorite among the SFUAD student body.

Jordan Solis’ Debut Album Feb03

Jordan Solis’ Debut Album

“I want people to take in this album and really listen to it, and have questions about it,” CMP major Jordan Solis says. “I hope they listen to it multiple times but each time get something different out of it. For example, maybe they pick up on some melodic idea that I introduce on one of the songs that they hear again in another.”

Polaroid Stories

Students Adam Troyer, Dillon Haymond and Rome Arrey memorize lines for “Polaroid Stories,” a drama written by Naomi Iizuka and directed by Brian Gillespie, the upcoming production in the Theatre Department. Make sure to go see it February 26-28 and March...

Dodgeball Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, come on down to the Driscoll Fitness Center for dodgeball night from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Dodgeball night is a great way to stay active and an opportunity to meet your fellow students. So next time you need a break from home work come throw a few...

In Phát Lê’s Studio

“Being an artist is a selfless thing to do because it’s about sharing perspectives,” Phát Lê says. “I want to tell a story, not just to communicate with my country but also to unify multiple perspectives. I think that’s why I want to be an artist.”

Snow Feb02


Snow fell on Jan. 26 bringing SFUAD its first two-hour delay of the 2016 spring semester. As some students enjoyed sleeping in, there was the beautiful untouched snow scenery surrounding the marion center. Photo by Jason Stilgebouer

Printmaking Morning

Hana Patrick, a sophomore studio arts major, works on a subtractive monotype print in the printmaking studio before class.

Words on Word of the Year Feb01

Words on Word of the Year

SFUAD students discuss the American Dialect Society’s decision to make “they”—as a singular gender-neutral pronoun—its Word of the Year for 2015.

New Face in Enrollment: Justin Grogan Jan29

New Face in Enrollment: Justin Grogan...

“The people you work with make it or break it,” enrollment advisor Justin Grogan says, and for him SFUAD surpasses his expectations. Grogan works with prospective and current students in the Creative Writing and Literature and Photography departments.