This week Jackalope photographers turn the lens on themselves and explore self-portraits and the more contemporary “selfies.”

Cultural Gatherings Apr17

Cultural Gatherings

SFUAD’s Indigenous Cultures Club seeks to promote interconnectedness.

Quidditch on the Quad Apr16

Quidditch on the Quad

SFUAD’s new Quidditch club has its first practice session.

The Young Professionals

The Young Professionals was the second of four senior readings through SFUAD’s Creative Writing and Literature Department.

Coming Attractions Apr16

Coming Attractions

Showcasing the best in classical, independent and foreign cinema, The Screen cinematheque at Santa Fe University of Art and Design presents new releases, special cinema events and performances all day every day. Here’s what’s playing April 17-23, 2015.

Pride Week! Apr16

Pride Week!

Pride Week kicks off today with an open mic this evening, April 16, in the Forum at 7 p.m. In addition to the open mic, students will be performing skits, plays and poetry. The Screen will also be showing “The Birdcage” tonight at 10 p.m with free pizza. Sponsored by COLORS, Pride week will continue with events happening each day, ending Sunday, April 19.

Street Food Institute’s Lunch on Wheels Apr16

Street Food Institute’s Lunch on Wheels

Starting April 24, and every Friday after that, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., SFUAD students will be able to order lunch from the Street Food Institute food truck. The truck is parked near campus by the Higher Education Center at the intersection of Yucca Street and Siringo Road. The food truck also will also be catering for the fifth annual Outdoor Vision Fest™ (OVF), serving food on May 1, on the SFUAD campus.

Q/A w/ Rochelle Esquerra Apr16

Q/A w/ Rochelle Esqu...

SFUAD Performing Arts Department BFA tech senior Rochelle Esquerra talks about her time at SFUAD, and what comes next.

Behind the “Music Box” Apr16

Behind the “Music Box”

“There is an image that we want to put out there ‘cause we think that’s a powerful tool,” said Janel Blanco Jean-Bart, lead vocalist for the Maya Spectra. Maya Spectra describes themselves as independent electronic pop, though members were hesitant to brand themselves as a “pop” band. “Our strong structures tend to reflect pop song structures, but we’re not exactly doing the Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift type thing,” said Donald Peña who, along with his brother Julian, makes up the rest of the Maya Spectra. Beginning more than a year and a half ago as the Janel Blanco Trio, the Maya Spectra has gone from being strictly defined with a jazz...

Garbage Body Apr15

Garbage Body

Shelby Criswell presents the latest in the Awkward Shelby comic series: “Garbage Body.”

Tattoos and shoes Apr15

Tattoos and shoes

This week, Jackalope photographers capture the shoes and tattoos of the student body at SFUAD.

Q/A w/ Nick Martinez

Jackalope’s ongoing interview series with members of CWL’s senior reading class continues: This week, Nick Martinez in advance of the 7 p.m., April 14 senior reading.

Meow Wolf Presentation Draws Students Apr10

Meow Wolf Presentation Draws Students

Meow Wolf’s newest project, The House of Eternal Return, includes numerous internship opportunities for SFUAD students.

JCC Hosts Anime 101 Apr10

JCC Hosts Anime 101

On April 4, the Japanese Cultural Collective hosted an “Anime 101” night in The Forum. The goal of the event was to give those who didn’t necessarily have experience with anime some basic knowledge about the medium. They also hoped to cultivate a love for anime by helping beginners get a good...

Q/A w/ DeVillier and Sanders Apr10

Q/A w/ DeVillier and Sanders

In this interview with David DeVillier, assistant director of campus life, and Terrance Sanders, Student Life operations manager, we hear from two of the friendliest faces on campus.