Happy Halloween! Oct30

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here (almost) and the campus is ready (almost). A few shots from Halloween...

Shuttle Muddle Oct30

Shuttle Muddle

It is 8:29 p.m. on a Saturday night and the shuttle driver waits diligently for any more students to arrive for their free trip downtown. Right on the dot of 8:30 p.m., it is clear that I will be the shuttle’s only passenger. The ride goes along smoothly down Cerrillos Road and after a few...

Playing With Fire Oct30

Playing With Fire

In addition to being the director of Photography for “Oasis Motel,” the new drama from Shoot the Stars, junior Amy West has been teaching herself to fire dance. Jackalope Magazine recently sat down with her to talk fire dancing, her filmmaking and performing for yourself....

Surveying Surveillance Oct30

Surveying Surveillance

A second incident involving a female student encountering an unknown male in a dormitory bathroom has steeled the resolve for enhanced campus surveillance. At the start of the 2015 fall semester, the campus will be monitored and recorded 24/7 by nearly 50 security cameras, according to Director of Facilities and Security Peter Romero. The new cameras are part of a two-phase plan, which Romero said was conceived last summer in response to the recent addition of the Higher Learning Center, and a marked increase in the student population. “I think this is a positive step to continue security improvements on campus for [everyone],” Romero said....

Coming Attractions Oct30

Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions at The Screen Oct.  31 – Nov. 6 Showcasing the best in classical, independent and foreign cinema, The Screen cinematheque at Santa Fe University of Art and Design presents new releases, special cinema events and performances all day every day! See what critics have to...

Hella Halloween Oct30

Hella Halloween

A happy hella Halloween from comic Awkward Shelby

SFUADcast Oct30


This week SFUADcast sits down with Zoe Baillargeon and Bisi Ademulegun, creators of SFUAD’s 10 Minute Theater Festival.

SFUAD’s Tutors Oct29

SFUAD’s Tutors

SFUAD’s three writing tutors are available regularly at Fogelson library.

Necessities Oct29


Jackalope talks with the movers and shakers behind SFUAD’s Necessities store.

NM Shorts Oct27

NM Shorts

The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival‘s New Mexico Shorts Program of 2014 has again reminded the Santa Fe film audience that the voices of New Mexico are alive and well. This year, the Center for Contemporary Arts screened five selected short films, some of which were shot in New...

The Poet’s Guide to Journalism

On Oct. 14, Tom Sleigh, a noted poet, read excerpts from his most recent collection of poems — “Station Zed” — to a crowded O’Shaughnessy Performance Space at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. The collection is part of a new body of work by Sleigh inspired by his recent travels to the Middle East. In addition to the poems, Sleigh journalized the experience in an essay titled “The Deeds” in which Sleigh casts himself as a poet in journalist’s clothing, seeking passage to the Lebanese city of Qana in order to learn the Palestinian side of the 2006 Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “I loved doing it,” Sleigh says, “I didn’t think about...

SFUAD Courts Prospective Students Oct24

SFUAD Courts Prospective Students

Enrollment pulled out all the stops Oct. 17 in the lobby of the Greer Garson Theatre to persuade young people from all over the region to pursue a SFUAD bachelor’s degree. Izzi Getlo, from Flagstaff, Ariz., has been looking for the right college since her freshman year of high school. “I want a school where there are like-minded people,” Getlo said, “and I don’t have to sit in a classroom all day.” Torn between film and musical theater, Getlo said she hoped to know the course of study she wants to pursue after the tour. Greeted by enrollment reps, prospective students received personalized packets of university information, and were then...

Midterm Madness Oct23

Midterm Madness

We’re officially half way through the semester her at SFUAD, so Jackalope decided to speak with a variety of students to see how everyone is holding up. Between papers, projects, shoots and shows, everyone is occupied with the things they love to do.

STS Ribbon-Cutting Oct23

STS Ribbon-Cutting

With 31 days to the first shooting date of Shoot the Stars—the Film School’s student-run, union-acted program that integrates students interested in working on a film set with a real-world perspective and mentors to advise—crew members met outside the production offices to mark the...

Let’s Hear it For Some Girls

  Neil Labute’s Some Girl(s), opened Oct. 17,  presents a marked script improvement over PAD’s previous show The Cave Dwellers, and boasts strong performances from its four female leads. Senior Jade Scott Lewis does an affable job as Guy, a struggling writer on an apology tour to four former ex-girlfriends, before his upcoming nuptials. Lewis is perfectly cast as the bumbling heartbreaker, equally selling the charm to win women over, as well as the selfish streak to ruin them. Again, Lewis does a great job as the scoundrel Guy, but the real stars of the show are his former lovers, all vulnerable in their own ways, and with...