Lexington Porter Senior Show Dec14

Lexington Porter Senior Show...

On Dec 4., CMP major Lexington Porter hosted his senior show at SFUAD. The O’Shaughnessy Performance Space was completely full of supporters and peers as Porter took the stage with five other CMP majors with a set list of four songs and an improvisation piece.

Artists United Dec13

Artists United

Students, faculty and community members piled into Tipton Hall on Friday, Dec. 9 for Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s Power to the People: Artists United event.

30 Days Dec13

30 Days

Shanna Marsh’s Integrative Health class students spent 30 days creating new habits or giving up old ones as part of self-care and knowledge.

Michael Pepp: Alumni Advice Dec13

Michael Pepp: Alumni Advice...

Performing Arts Department alumnus Michael Pepp discusses life after graduation and offers advice to current and graduating students.

Dogs on Campus Dec12

Dogs on Campus

Students receive canine comfort as finals week begins courtesy of Assistance Dogs of the West.

Painters, Poets and Musicians...

On the night of Dec. 3, Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s Black Student Union held its final Painters, Poets and Musicians event of the semester, showcasing the diverse talents of students.

Graduation Trepidation Dec10

Graduation Trepidation...

Although graduating with an arts degree may seem scary, recognize that art is everywhere.

Cool Kid, Old Man

Jackalope Magazine Associate Editor Andrew Koss, a graduating Creative Writing and Literature senior, reflects on his time in college as an older student.

Layers and Seams

Jason DeBoer’s Annihilation Songs: Three Shakespeare Reintegrations uses The Bard’s own words to create brand-new stories.

Photographer Moath Alofi Visits SFUAD

Saudi Arabian photographer Moath Alofi took to the sky to capture landmasses and ancient structures around the region. He shared his work recently at SFUAD.

Maria Siino Senior Showcase Dec09

Maria Siino Senior Showcase

“Senior shows are something to look forward to and prepare for throughout college as you learn to hone your creativity,” Contemporary Music Program senior Maria Siino says.

Alexia Moreno Dec09

Alexia Moreno

Senior Photography student Alexia Moreno uses these objects for inspiration as she studies in the Beaumont and Nancy Newhall Library.

Senior Painter Dec09

Senior Painter

    Graduating senior Studio artist Hector Hernandez installs his piece by digging out the gravel and placing his piece in the void created.

Helping Hand Dec09

Helping Hand

SFUAD alum Forrest Soper helps Photography Department student Yoana Medrano hang her show in Marion Center for Photographic Arts.

Pothole Project Dec06

Pothole Project

Photography major Whitney Wernick used flowers to draw attention to campus potholes as part of an artistic project with activist roots.