Layers and Seams

Jason DeBoer’s Annihilation Songs: Three Shakespeare Reintegrations uses The Bard’s own words to create brand-new stories.

Photographer Moath Alofi Visits SFUAD

Saudi Arabian photographer Moath Alofi took to the sky to capture landmasses and ancient structures around the region. He shared his work recently at SFUAD.

Maria Siino Senior Showcase Dec09

Maria Siino Senior Showcase

“Senior shows are something to look forward to and prepare for throughout college as you learn to hone your creativity,” Contemporary Music Program senior Maria Siino says.

Alexia Moreno Dec09

Alexia Moreno

Senior Photography student Alexia Moreno uses these objects for inspiration as she studies in the Beaumont and Nancy Newhall Library.

Senior Painter Dec09

Senior Painter

    Graduating senior Studio artist Hector Hernandez installs his piece by digging out the gravel and placing his piece in the void created.

Helping Hand Dec09

Helping Hand

SFUAD alum Forrest Soper helps Photography Department student Yoana Medrano hang her show in Marion Center for Photographic Arts.

Pothole Project Dec06

Pothole Project

Photography major Whitney Wernick used flowers to draw attention to campus potholes as part of an artistic project with activist roots.

The Holidays in Santa Fe Dec05

The Holidays in Santa Fe...

Jackalope Magazine looks at Santa Fe’s December offerings, as well as SFUAD students’ own personal holiday traditions.

Students Talk Through Spray Paint Dec05

Students Talk Through Spray Paint

Students all over the Santa Fe University of Art and Design are turning to spray paint as a social format to communicate about issues occurring within the community and the world.

Studio Arts Final

Freshman Studio Arts major Travis Dale, also known as Roaes, recently worked on his final project: metal work.

Halfway through Senior Year Dec05

Halfway through Senior Year

Nearing the end of senior year is a time of mixed emotions for some SFUAD students.

Past / Present Dec04

Past / Present

On Nov. 29, upwards of 50 people squeezed themselves into Collected Works Bookstore to hear Dr. Ron D. Hart in conversation with Gloria Abella Ballen. The topic of discussion was Hart’s latest book, Sephardic Jews: History, Religion, and People.

Glyph 2017 Submissions...

With only a week left until finals, what better way to distract oneself from the caffeine-driven, sleepless nights than to submit to Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s very own literary magazine: Glyph.

Cross Culture: Manuel Barrios...

Manuel Barrios, a sophomore film student at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, sits down with Jackalope Magazine to talk about his hometown of Caracas, Venezuela.

18th Annual Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival Dec02

18th Annual Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival...

The resourcefulness of salvaging and refurbishing items in disrepair inspires the largest and oldest recycled market in the country. Recycle Santa Fe is celebrating their 18th annual art festival this Friday, Dec. 2, through Sunday, Dec. 4 at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, wherein more than 90 artists from New Mexico, Colorado, New York, Arizona and elsewhere showcase unique masterpieces comprised of discarded materials. Sponsored by Keep Santa Fe Beautiful, a non-profit volunteer program dedicated to environmental education, the festival aims to show the public the benefits of recycling. “Recycling does many great things. It saves energy, natural resources and water, but this event demonstrates another benefit from recycling: it creates jobs,” says festival coordinator Sarah Pierpont on the Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival Facebook page. “A large handful of art market vendors have turned their creativity into careers and are able to support their families by making recycled art.” This eco-conscious holiday event is a testament to the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” as all of the art “consists of a minimum of 75 percent recycled materials—everything from vintage tin cans turned into beautiful earrings to scrap metal sculptures,” according to the Recycle Santa Fe Website. The festival starts on Friday at 5 p.m., featuring 69 Art Market booths exhibiting hundreds of repurposed jewelry and sculptures and trinkets for sale. Each artist is encouraged to submit one of their pieces in the Juried Art Exhibition, qualifying them for a chance to win first, second, third, or honorable mention for their work. There is also a Juried Student Art Exhibition where students in the Santa Fe area get the opportunity to put their own recycled art on display. Later in the evening, the Trash Fashion & Costume Contest will kick off at 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., assuredly the most original fashion show in Santa Fe....