Holiday Glow Dec16

Holiday Glow

If you’re looking for some Holiday adventures this month, two luminous and art-influenced spots to visit are Glow: A Winter Lights Event at Santa Fe’s Botanical Garden, running Dec. 4-Jan. 3 on Thursdays-Saturdays 5-8 p.m. and Saturdays 5-9 p.m., and the twinkle-lit open house events at Madrid, an artist’s destination on Turquoise Trail National Scenic Highway. On opening night, Dec. 4, Public Relations Director Fran Cole admires that along with the hundreds of holiday light fixtures illuminating Santa Fe’s Botanical Garden, the nearly full moon adds its own ambiance. “Did we order that or what!?” she says. For the month of December, Cole...

Home for the Holidays! Dec15

Home for the Holidays!

We went around campus and asked some students and faculty what they were looking forward to for the Holidays. Jackalope Magazine: What do you look forward to for the Holidays? Derek Morales: I’ll be heading back home to Connecticut to be with the family. I’ll be working some seasonal part time for some money. I might even work on some of designs over the break. Jehad N Khateeb: I won’t be doing anything special. I will go to San Francisco with Sandra [Schoenstein] maybe in January.  I am Muslim so I don’t celebrate Christmas. Sandra Schoenstein: I’m very happy that this is my first Christmas away from family. I am not very fond of Christmas...

Valley of the Dolls Dec16

Valley of the Dolls

The scene is a familiar one for anyone with rowdy friends who buy beer on a tight budget. Cans of Schlitz and Budweiser litter the living room, someone passes a bong and everyone looks glam. This is not an average Friday night party, though. The cans are mere centimeters tall and each partygoer is a plastic Barbie doll complete with eerie unwavering looks of dull ecstasy. This is the overall gist of the music video for “Picture Perfect” by the retro pop band Yacht Club, co-directed by band frontman Ben Cook and SFUAD film major Emmett Meade.

Coming Attractions Dec12

Coming Attractions

Showcasing the best in classical, independent and foreign cinema, The Screen cinematheque at Santa Fe University of Art and Design presents new releases, special cinema events and performances all day every day! See what critics have to say about the latest screenings, watch a trailer, then visit The Screen for a unique movie-going experience.


The lights come up on five white boxes. A young man climbs up onto the center box so that he stands above the rest of the group. He begins to conduct them through a chorus of angelic ‘la la las’ and, all at once, the show is underway. The Musical Theater Workshop class has...

Underwear Society Bares All

At the end of the semester, few people want to be starting on new projects. But this is when the members of Underwear Society, SFUAD’s student-run sketch comedy group, come together to write and put on their show. For 13 years, Underwear Society has amused College of Santa Fe and now SFUAD students with its antics, putting on one show per semester during finals. Shows usually are held in the Weckesser Studio Theatre in the Greer Garson Theater, but this semester, due to changes within the theater department, the show will go on in Alumni Hall. The show consists of sketches written individually by members or collectively as a group, using...

Advice for Finals Dec11

Advice for Finals

Finals week is usually the most stressful time of year for most college students. There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel, as students will receive a four-week break at the end of the week. Now to get through that week. In preparation, Jackalope tapped Creative Writing and...

Hey, Mr. VJ

Junior Chris “Buran” Beran takes his Video Jockey (VJ) stage name from the Russian word meaning “a gale force wind from the north.” Appropriate considering the Portland, Oregon transplant is one of the first VJs on campus.

The Maya Spectra

Jackalope sits down with musical group The Maya Spectra to discuss the release of the band’s debut CD, The Music Box, in this audio visual interview.

Finding the Right Tattoo Shop Dec11

Finding the Right Tattoo Shop

Getting a tattoo is a mighty decision, as is choosing a place that fits you best. Ultimately, it begs the question: what should I look for?

A New Art Space

As a community of artists, we often create connections in the spaces where—and the people with whom—we work. Since Manhattan started filming last March, the painters and artists have been moved from their old work space in the Barracks to primarily use as their main painting facility the second story of Alexis Hall, which is predominantly the graphic design building. Jackalope spoke with a few of the artists about their experiences in the new space. Dylan Tenorio, a junior Studio Arts major, considered the new facility a crowded space with low ceilings. “The space can be a bit crowded, and there are a lot of us here sometimes.” Another...

Q/A: Jacey Ellis Dec05

Q/A: Jacey Ellis

Tickling a whole student body’s funny bone may sound like a daunting task, but Jacey Ellis makes it look easy. In addition to being a senior in the Creative Writing and Literature Department, Ellis is one of the senior-most members of Underwear Society, SFUAD’s only sketch comedy group,...

HEC set to open Dec05

HEC set to open

Since January, those attending SFUAD, Santa Fe High School or running on De Vargas Middle School’s track have watched construction at the corner of Yucca Street and Siringo Road transform a vacant lot into the 34,000 square-foot, two-story, energy-friendly structure it is today. The...

Wrapped! Dec05


Crews for both productions (“Oasis Motel,” drama and “The Disposables,” action/comedy) of Shoot the Stars Season 3 finished shooting Friday Nov. 21. John Diehl and Laura Harring served as this season’s name talent and spoke highly of both crews. “I’m really impressed...

Firstie: Metal Show Dec04

Firstie: Metal Show

The Firstie: A metal show. I’m an easy-going guy who buries his anger deep down, like any other red-blooded American. So metal’s aggressively angry sound, even in the love songs, just comes across as shrill. My roommate, who listens to metal religiously, has tried to convince me...