Q/A w/ Leticia Gonza...

In an ongoing series of interviews with SFUAD CWL Senior Reading Class members, Jackalope interviews Leticia Gonzales.

Still Dreaming Mar26

Still Dreaming

Filmmaker Jilann Spitzmiller and Film School instructor Hank Rogerson premiere their film Still Dreaming at The Screen this weekend.

Happy Bday Bach Mar26

Happy Bday Bach

Musicians gather for sound checks at St. Francis auditorium. They are preparing for the day’s concert in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach’s 330th birthday, and come from all backgrounds: amateurs, students and professionals. SFUAD Contemporary Music Program major John Church sits stage left...

The Cafeteria Mar26

The Cafeteria

Jackalope photographers head to the cafeteria to capture food, signs, employees and more.

Love in Action Mar26

Love in Action

The SFUAD Feminist Collective is now looking for submissions for both its upcoming Spring Zine and End-of-the-Year Art Show, “Love in Action.”

Career Services Mar26

Career Services

Jobs. Internships. Resumés. Career Services has it all. Jackalope talks to Director Joanie Spain about resources for students and grads.

Security Saves The Day Mar26

Security Saves The D...

Starting in freshman orientation, SFUAD students are told who to contact in case of emergencies and constantly reminded afterward. They are given stickers with security’s contact information and shown where their offices are. After a while, the guards become recognizable and familiar....

Coming Attractions Mar26

Coming Attractions

Showcasing the best in classical, independent and foreign cinema, The Screen cinematheque at Santa Fe University of Art and Design presents new releases, special cinema events and performances all day every day. Here is what’s showing March 27-April 2, 2015.

Q/A w/ Mark Feigenbu...

As a part of an ongoing Q&A session with the Creative Writing and Literature Department’s Senior Reading class, Jackalope Magazine sat down with screenwriter Mark Feigenbutz. Feigenbutz discussed bad poetry, bears and dead comedians.   Jackalope Magazine: How dare you? Mark...

Team Racket Mar22

Team Racket

SFUAD’s new tennis club, Team Racket, has already generated interest from players.

Job Fair Succeeds

SFUAD students learned about a variety of employment opportunities at the March 11 Summer Job Fair.

Light and Shadow

This week, Jackalope photographers capture light and shadow, two key elements in the art of photography.

Rad Grad(uate School Auditions)

SFUAD Performing Arts Department senior Curtis Williams discusses grad school auditions and his acceptance to Yale University’s prestigious program.

Drawing on Trees

Four students of differing majors meet and throw paint on a canvas to their hearts’ content. This is Drawing on Trees, SFUAD’s student run visual art club.

Q/A w/ Jacey Ellis

As a part of an ongoing Q&A session with the Creative Writing and Literature Department’s Senior Reading Class, Jackalope Magazine sat down with Jacey Ellis. Ellis discussed lying to herself, scrumtrulesence, and played a special British Invasion version of Marry, Shag, Kill.