Dodgeball Night Nov20

Dodgeball Night

Dodgeball, one of the most popular activities on campus, happens every Wednesday night at 8...

Lockhart on Horror Nov20

Lockhart on Horror

Liam Lockhart, interim associate chairman of The Film School, is teaching his International Horror Cinema class for the third time this spring semester. While the film lineup from previous semesters may change, Lockhart has promised that some of his more “obscure” favorites will...

Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand Nov19

Storming The Beaches With Logos In Hand

Storming the Beaches With Logos in Hand preformed at Ghost on November 7. The band, composed of SFUAD alumni, played to a full house at the intimate Santa Fe venue. The night began with an opening performance by May the Peace of the Sea Be With You, a touring band from Arkansas. After a brief intermission Storming the Beaches with Logos in Hand began by playing new unreleased material before playing songs from their album, Southwick...

Chorus Concert Nov19

Chorus Concert

As eerie organ music flooded the First Presbyterian Church, a somber and haunting presence filled the room. Organist David Solem finished his piece with his back to the audience while SFUAD and St. John’s chorus members prepared to take the stage.“Rejoice in the Lamb” by Benjamin Britten was the first combined song performed by SFUAD and St. John’s on Nov. 19. Programs that were handed out before the concert contained lyrics so the crowd could follow along. This was helpful because it was near impossible to make out what they choirs were actually singing besides “rejoice in God.” As the first chorus came to a conclusion, Elise Stoffer took...

Enjoying the snow Nov19

Enjoying the snow

SFUAD sophomore theater major Sicily Ranieri takes advantage of Santa Fe’s first big snow.

Winter Wonderland Nov19

Winter Wonderland

Santa Fe’s first big snow hopefully heralds the winter ahead.

On set w/ Chass Nov17

On set w/ Chass

SFUAD freshman Contemporary Music Program major Chassity Coleman recently collaborated with sophomore director La’ Charles Trask to create the music video “GO.” She is featured with sophomore Trae Perry. Trask and his film crew shot the visually stunning video at Santa...

Main Stage Show

There’s nothing like the experience of watching a performance at the Greer Garson Theatre. Luckily, this fast paced school provides plenty of entertainment. Very Still and Hard to See, a short play by Steve Yockey, directed by Gail Springer, is the next main stage show coming to SFUAD. While...

Field trip to SITE Santa Fe

SFUAD Creative Writing students recently visited SITE Santa Fe to tour the exhibits and in preparation for writing a gallery guide for the museum.

Shoot the Stars® Season Four Nov13

Shoot the Stars® Season Four

Shoot the Stars ® season four has begun at SFUAD. Two screenplays were selected from student submissions, and are now in the process of being turned into films that will feature professional acting talent.

Church at Church Nov12

Church at Church

CMP major John Church’s senior show included pieces from numerous musical periods, ranging from the middle ages to the 1950s. “I tried to represent the styles of music I have spent the most time with both as a student and as a performer,” Church said.

Tokyo Fashion Show Nov12

Tokyo Fashion Show

The theme of the Nov. 6 show was Tokyo Street Fashion—a genre known for its bright neon colors and unique accessories—and featured some of SFUAD’s best fashion talents.

Photo Field Trip to Monroe Gallery

After a field trip to the New Mexico Museum of Art, students from the Gallery and Museum Practices class took a trip over to the Monroe Gallery to see its latest show, Remnants by Stephen Wilkes. The exhibition shows a number of large-scale color photographs that depict man-made objects left behind in the environment. Along with the current show, Monroe also has a rotating exhibit of black and white prints, most of which have a strong emphasis on photojournalism. The exhibit Remnants will be up until Nov....

Lunch Time At SFUAD Nov12

Lunch Time At SFUAD

 Josiah Norway and La’Charles Trask enjoy a quick lunch before heading off to their afternoon classes....

Math at SFUAD Nov10

Math at SFUAD

The introduction of the Bachelor of Business Administration in Art, Entertainment and Media Management program has brought math classes to SFUAD, taught by department Chair Brad Bergsbaken.