“She Kills Monsters” Rolls… It’s a Critical Hit! May05

“She Kills Monsters” Rolls… It’s a Critical Hit!...

Opening May 5 at the Santa Fe Playhouse, “She Kills Monsters” written by Qui Nguyen, weaves an incredible narrative about grief, family and the impact of storytelling.

Sixth Annual Outdoor Vision Festival May05

Sixth Annual Outdoor Vision Festival

OVF is a spectacular pop up art exhibition that features student-created projections, sculptures and music. Jackalope Magazine’s photographers captured scenes from the sixth annual event April 29.

Quadstock 2016 May05

Quadstock 2016

This year’s Quadstock took place April 30-May 1. For the first time it was streaming live on the internet for the world to see. Scheduled the day after Outdoor Vision Fest, it made for a packed weekend. Normally it takes place on the Quad, but due to inclement weather it was hastily moved to O’Shaughnessy Performance Space. Overall it was an amazing festival....

Hannah Reiter’s Thesis Show

Senior Graphic Design major Hannah Reiter’s work tends to focus on minimalism and mindfulness.

Meet CMP Senior Jordan Solis May05

Meet CMP Senior Jordan Solis...

After graduation, Contemporary Music Program major Jordan Solis is scheduled to have an EP released in the coming months with his signature combination of reggae, cuban music, salsa and drumming.

Glyph First Place Genre Award Winners

Brianna Neumann, Sophie Farrell, Melinda Freudenberger and Cris Galvez will read in conjunction with all of the second and third place genre winners, at the Glyph Gala at 7 p.m. May 3, in the O’Shaughnessy Performance Space.

Tony O’ Brien Receives Rotary Distinguished Artist of the Year Award...

The Rotary Club of Santa Fe Foundation will be holding its annual Rotary Foundation Gala May 3, at which they will honor their Distinguished Artist of the Year. The artist must have excelled in his or her field and must be nominated by local artists and galleries. This year, the foundation has chosen to honor photographer and Santa Fe University of Art and Design Photography Department Chairman Tony O’ Brien.

Mary Beth Lindsey: ESC May02

Mary Beth Lindsey: ESC...

Mary Beth Lindsey is the enrollment support coordinator at SFUAD. Her main duties as ESC are to provide information to whomever needs it, whether it be prospective students (and/or their parents), or helping current students connect with the right people.

Omar Pedroza’s Surrealist Self Portraits...

Omar Pedroza is a freshman photography major and has been working on a surreal self portrait project for his class Visual Storytelling: Photo Essay. On April 27, he shot one of his images from this series at the Railyard district of Santa Fe. This image portrays Pedroza floating away as passerby observe. His work deals with self identity and his exploration of understanding everything about photography—from techniques to its conceptual...

SFUAD’s Annual Woman’s Show May01

SFUAD’s Annual Woman’s Show

Tikia Fame Hudson started the Woman’s show in 2013 when she was a freshman—the show highlights the struggles and victories of women from all different backgrounds

Interdisciplinary Art Apr29

Interdisciplinary Art...

Interdisciplinary art is a field that fosters creativity: Putting two or more art forms together creates artistic connections that might not have been made using just one art form

Stoffer’s Stunning Recital Apr29

Stoffer’s Stunning Recital

Contemporary Music Program major Elise Stoffer performed her Senior Recital on April 24, incorporating multiple people—including her sister, other CMP students and CMP Chairman Horace Young—into her show.

Bandaids at “Six”...

“Six” opens from 5-10 p.m., Friday, April 29 at the Marion Center for Photographic Arts. Stop by before OVF starts at 8:45 p.m.

MIXolote Apr29


SFUAD students mingled and shared their work at the April 21 MIXolote, sponsored by MIX Santa Fe. The group hosts monthly networking events, as well as other initiatives and contests to support Santa Fe’s creative economy.

Bonding Babes Apr29

Bonding Babes

Liberal Arts Department Chairwoman Heather Corine hosted a spring women’s retreat April 22-24. Open to all people in her current and past classes, the retreat was focused on nourishing the creative waters. Seventeen women entered the backwoods of Taos, NM to find inner peace, but found much more. They found friendship.