Acknowledge, Aware, Awaken Apr17

Acknowledge, Aware, Awaken

You might have wondered the meaning of those colorful bracelets that have been appearing around campus. Those bracelets are part of the current Awareness Week. One of the organizers of this event is senior film student and Hall Director Jack Brinkley, whose idea to create this event came from his interest in making students more aware of safety, health and fitness issues.



“Don’t let her death be in vain” read the signs of family, friends and concerned citizens who rallied outside the First Judicial District Court April 11 to raise awareness for the fatal shooting of Jeanette Anaya by New Mexico State Police on Nov. 7, 2013.

Coming Attractions Apr17

Coming Attractions

This week at The Screen, be sure to catch the SFUAD student-created Three Poems, Three Films, and so much more.

Booming OVF Ideas Apr17

Booming OVF Ideas

Abe Schor, Aldo Vidrio, Caleb Ortega, Brandon Schmidt and Arnold Mateas are building a giant boombox for this year’s OVF. That means late nights and lots of collaboration.

Man on the Street

Creative Writing major Nick Martinez is spending the semester in the New York Arts Program. This week, he discusses his weekly Man on the Street duties for the New York Press, operated by Straus News.

How to Homework Apr17

How to Homework

The weekly Awkward Shelby Comic is created by SFUAD studio art major Shelby Criswell. For more of Criswell’s work, check out the Awkward Shelby Comic series and her Tumblr.

Q/A: Brian Hardgroove Apr16

Q/A: Brian Hardgroov...

Brian Hardgroove, member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hip hop group Public Enemy and SFUAD artist in residence, is the new director of Artists for Positive Social Change at SFUAD. This year marks the third annual Artists for Positive Social Change concert and Hardgroove has chosen the band Living Colour to perform April 19. He spoke to Jackalope about the program and this year’s event.

OVF on the Horizon Apr15

OVF on the Horizon

It’s back, and it’s bigger and more ambitious than ever—make way for the May 2 Outdoor Vision Fest.

Mireya Ferro Talks Dreams Apr15

Mireya Ferro Talks Dreams

Mireya Ferro is an international student from Spain. She is currently studying graphic design, but her true passion has always been performing arts. Even though she has not been able to pursue this dream in the past, she feels that SFUAD has given her enough confidence to give it a try. In this interview, she discusses the importance of following one’s dreams and fighting for what truly makes one happy.

Dance Meets OVF Apr15

Dance Meets OVF

Choreographer Jocelyne Danchick discusses the multimedia dance performance she is preparing for this year’s OVF.

Our Grandfathers

On May 2, native Santa Fean and Studio Arts Senior Shelbie Loomis will salute the Christian Brotherhood’s legacy with an interactive installation called Cohesion, showcasing in the Southwest Annex Gallery.

Colors Hosts Sex Ed Event Apr13

Colors Hosts Sex Ed Event

On March 29, SFUAD’S Colors group hosted at Fogelson Library a Safe Sex talk and free HIV testing for all the students.
The event lasted all morning and more than 40 students checked their HIV statuses, learned everything they need to know about their sexuality and, above all, laughed as they shared personal experiences.

Muse Winners

Creative Writing Department Co-Chair Dana Levin, discusses the Muse Times Two writing contest winners.


  Confessional, Small Craft Warnings is a extension of a smaller work,Confessional, by playwright Tennessee Williams and directed by Performing Arts student Hamilton Turner. Set in a dive bar in Southern California, the play centers on an evening in the lives of a group of working class...

DOJ Releases APD Findings

The Department of Justice releases the long-awaited results of its investigation into the Albuquerque Police Department.