Beruit Returns Oct09

Beruit Returns

Hundreds of people started mulling in the downtown area from about noon on, partly because of the spill of tourist and out of towners for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, but mostly for the show, of course.

Fall Has Arrived On Campus Oct08

Fall Has Arrived On Campus

Fall has come to the SFUAD campus at last, and all the colors of fall could make students almost forget about their upcoming...

Amy West Welds Oct08

Amy West Welds

  Amy West, a senior film major, spends her afternoon learning how to weld a slider rig for the grip house where she works. She enjoys the occasional spontaneous perks of the job, such as her recent welding lesson from Mark Stewards, makes a boring day at work into and interesting...

Squatch’d Oct08


A hairy, simian-like creature stalked the Quad recently during lunch hours.

Good vibes at the Marion Center Oct06

Good vibes at the Marion Center

When junior photography major Jennifer Carrillo isn’t out shooting pictures, she is hanging out around the Marion Center skating enjoying the early months of fall. “Something about hanging around this courtyard just gives me good vibes and helps me mellow out,” Carrillo says.

Thai Training Oct06

Thai Training

Romario Powell is a junior music major from Dulce, NM. In his free time, Powell trains in Muay Thai, a combat sport of Thailand, as well as boxing. He does martial arts for self defense and meditation. He says you have to have to take car of your body to clear your mind. He says this helps...

Q/A w/ Liam Lockhart Oct06

Q/A w/ Liam Lockhart

SFUAD Film School’s new interim head Liam Lockhart discusses why the job is a dream come true.

Horizon Oct05


The newest buzz on campus is the upcoming EP Horizon from music producer Josiah Noray and director La’Charles Trask, featuring a variety of musicians.

Creating Comics With Bram Meehan Oct02

Creating Comics With Bram Meehan

Comics, whether they are full-length graphic novels or weekday strips, are a complex artistic medium from which contributing faculty member Bram Meehan believes students can learn a great deal.

ICC Gathers for Full Moon Storytelling Oct02

ICC Gathers for Full Moon Storytelling

The full moon was just breaking through the clouds Sept. 28 when the Indigenous Cultures Club gathered on the Quad. Organizers say they were there to do what Native Americans have traditionally done for centuries; to gather and tell stories. Seated in a circle, one by one attendees shared tales from their lives and ancestors’ lives well into the night. Some told stories more than 150 years old while others shared tales from just a few years, months or weeks back. It didn’t matter what the nature of the story was. The point of the gathering was to connect with others. The Indigenous Cultures Club was created last year when it became apparent...

SFUAD Olympics Oct01

SFUAD Olympics

“If I die, I’m going to Valhalla,” screamed Emery Mulligan, beneath an oversized, plastic sumo suit. “Shiny and chrome!” Members of the Student Activities Board (SAB) assisted him in putting on his gloves. He stepped into the circle, facing Myles Hammer, whose already burgeoning head of hair...

Quiet Spots Oct01

Quiet Spots

Kevin Sorina, senior theater major, studies lines in the...

Lizard Friends Oct01

Lizard Friends

This little lizard is one of the many critters running around campus. So next time you are walking through campus be mindful of where you step, and who you could step on.

Digital Arts’ Emerging Talent

SFUAD’s Digital Arts students plan to show and share their diverse talents this year.

What is 920? Sep27

What is 920?

The room wasn’t full of drug crazed maniacs but infact a very attentive crowd showed up