Barela’s Band-Aids

Ysidro Barela recently posted on the Santa Fe University of Art and Design Student Life Facebook page. What was he looking for? Used Band-Aids. Donors were asked to save their bandages in plastic bags and assured that proper safety precautions would be taken while handling them. “Yes, I know it’s gross,” Barela says in the post. “Any kind of bandage is appreciated!”

Hearts and Crafts

Art school gets a bad reputation of doing only arts and crafts, but Feb. 6 the Student Activities Board decided to embrace that stereotype. Taking a break from rigorous editing and rehearsals, students came to enjoy the lighthearted activities.  

All that Jazz Feb12

All that Jazz

Robby Rothschild, a Contemporary Music Program teacher, tunes the piano in Tipton Hall for the Feb. 12 7-9 p.m. jazz concert, which will follow the photo exhibition opening from 5-7 p.m. of “Jazz Greats” in the Atrium Gallery at the Marion Center for Photographic...

Glyph 2016

Glyph editors are wrapping up their work for the 2016 edition of Creative Writing and Literature’s annual literary journal.

SFUAD Pipeline Crisis Feb11

SFUAD Pipeline Crisis...

Due to the windows being left open the first week of February in the C100 lounge, the pipes froze overnight, causing the water to be cut in the C and D halls of King. Craig Scott, a facilities worker, was called to the scene to investigate and take care of the issues, which has now been...

Mardi Gras Celebration Feb11

Mardi Gras Celebration...

On Feb. 9, Wendy Young threw her Topics in Truth class a little Mardi Gras party. Young made her class King Cake cupcakes and brought in masks, crowns and plenty of beads for everyone.

Kate Reid Teaches Songwriting Class Feb11

Kate Reid Teaches Songwriting Class

A new class is getting a lot of buzz on campus this semester. Taught by artist in residence Kate Reid, Songs of Our Lives focuses on folk music, social justice and the history behind activist songwriting.

Fat Tuesday Lunch Feb11

Fat Tuesday Lunch

In celebration of Fat Tuesday, the Bon Appetit cooks put together Bananas Foster for the students during lunch. This Louisiana classic is pan seared cinnamon bananas served on top of vanilla ice cream.  

Shoot the Stars®  Approaches Feb10

Shoot the Stars® Approaches

Three months ago, two student-written scripts were chosen for the fourth season of Shoot the Stars® , SFUAD’s annual student written and produced short film project. With just over a month until “Karkutong” and “Hate me Gently” hit the big screen, already participants claim that in vision, camaraderie and execution, this has been the greatest season as of yet in the history of this series.

Maggie’s Little Zoo Feb09

Maggie’s Little Zoo...

When Maggie Johnson is not jamming with Venus and The Lion, she is at home taking care of all her critters. Johnson has a boa, a tortoise and a rat. She also lives with her roommate’s two dogs and a very grumpy cat.

Ryan Villarma’s “Water Series”...

“I try to communicate it in a way that other people could find meaning in it,” studio arts major Ryan Villarma says. “I think art is useful for that purpose, that it can help inform people on different things.”

Mail Room Hustle Feb09

Mail Room Hustle

SFUAD’s mail room is experiencing its standard start-of-semester rush as books and other supplies arrive for students.

Slackline Feb08


Charlie Stevenson used the trees outside of Kennedy to set up the slackline.

10 a.m. Feb08

10 a.m.

Jenn Carrillo tries to keep warm in the library before her morning class begins.

Seven Things You Need to Know About Career Services Feb08

Seven Things You Need to Know About Career Services...

Career Services Director Joanie Spain provides tips and support for students in preparation for future creative careers.