Star in the Making Sep25

Star in the Making

SFUAD film student La’Charles Trask landed two speaking roles on two popular TV shows, From Dusk till Dawn and Scream Queens. Catch them both soon!

Exit Gallery Photos

SFUAD’s Photo Society is always busy. Right now, members are gearing up for the next Exit Gallery show in the Marion Center for Photographic Arts.

Layers and Series

Studio Arts major Dagui Schunemann, left, a sophomore from Brazil, works on her collage during the Layers and Series painting class, in thaw. Natalie Buckner a Studio Arts major, and a junior from Dallas, Texas, works on her art piece in the background.

Forum Sep23


The Contemporary Music Program’s Forum has a long history and is more popular than ever.

Santa Fe Renaissance Fair Sep23

Santa Fe Renaissance Fair...

This year’s Santa Fe Renaissance Fair was held on Sept. 16-17 at El Rancho De Las Golondrinas. The weather was beautiful as the crowds enjoyed costumed fans and entertainers.

Energy flow Sep22

Energy flow

  Romario Powell a Contemporary Music Junior is practicing Thai Chi on SFUAD’s campus. He hopes that the school would incorporate more meditative outlets for students to let their creative energies flow.

August Edwards Sep22

August Edwards

Away from the hustle and bustle of the library, SFUAD Creative Writing and Literature major August Edwards chooses an out-of-the ordinary study spot.

New Territory Sep22

New Territory

“‘The Map is Not the Territory’ Parallel Paths: Palestinians, Native Americans, Irish” opened at SFUAD Sept. 16.

City Different Festival Sep22

City Different Festival...

At 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 23, the City Different Festival will kick off with Santa Fe’s own local band, Ardaya, followed by nearly 16 hours of live entertainment from across the Southwest.

The Art of Business Sep22

The Art of Business

SFUAD’s arts business management program uses Santa Fe’s stature as an arts city to provide experiences and opportunities for students.

Mooloo Colony Sep21

Mooloo Colony

The Contemporary Music Program’s new chorus was created through the department’s music theory classes, and will perform next month.

The Political Experience Sep20

The Political Experience...

SFUAD students discuss their political views in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

Campus Feminism

SFUAD’s Feminist Collective has plans for the semester that include education and inclusivity.

Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards Sep16

Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards

Two SFUAD film majors, Joe Carter and Chris Hanna, have been nominated by the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards for “Best Editing” in a student production.

Revelry Night

Creative Writing and Literature students were welcomed to the new semester with games, conversation, character-building and cake.