Jackalope Summer Bre...

Jackalope Magazine will return for the Fall, 2015 semester. See you then!



Jehad “JJ” Khateeb, a senior in the Film School, has had a busy and incredibly ambitious senior year.

Studio Arts Closeup on Phat Le

Le’s current series of work is built upon a newfound interest in math. He uses numbers, primarily binary code, to draw parallels between the real world and the world of the imagination.

C.R.E.A.M Fashion Show May12

C.R.E.A.M Fashion Show

Models came and went with the rain. The runway began on the steps of the SFUAD welcome center and wound around a walkway scattered with flowers. It was all very reminiscent of spring, the way the sky was divided into foreboding storm clouds and pale blue sky, while models sported sundresses and loose pantsuits.

Anne Valente joins C...

Author Anne Valente will join SFUAD’s Creative Writing and Literature Department in Fall, 2015.

Seniors Salute

The 2015 graduates of Jackalope Magazine express their gratitude for Jackalope faculty advisors Julia Goldberg and Tony O’Brien. Tony has pushed me more in my documentary photography than anyone has in these last two years at SFUAD. I don’t think I would have progressed as much as I have and found my voice without him. He has been an inspiration and a great guidance to me. —Ashley Costello Julia is my mentor. I would not have had the success I’ve had at this college without her help. Tony is a wonderful man too. He buys me b[everages]. —Nick Martinez I remember the first time I came to Jackalope looking for Julia’s...

Reich Revives Kurtz

Author James Reich describes Mistah Kurtz! as a prelude to Joseph Conrad’s infamous novel Heart of Darkness

Pussy Riot May08

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot’s founding members speak to students, community about their art, activism and the nature of freedom.

SFUAD Geeks Out May07

SFUAD Geeks Out

Students in costume crept out of their dorms and across campus to the library dressed as a variety of characters from The Lord of the Rings’ Gimli  to Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s. May 2’s Kahn-Quest was a gathering of pop culture fanatics from all over campus. Events catered to every...

OVF 2015 May07

OVF 2015

The fifth annual Outdoor Vision Fest was held May 1, and featured pieces ranging from projection mapping onto the building, to dancers playing around on a metal seesaw sculpted by Caley Dennis. This week’s gallery doesn’t quite capture the experience of students and locals filling the grounds...

Musical Theater

Amidst the senior graphic design thesis displays in the center of the Fogelson Library, the performing arts students in the musical theater workshop class will be presenting pieces from the “classics” in Lost and Found: The Journey We All Take. Hosting a variety of workshop veterans/seniors including Stefanee Chevalier, Liz Anderson, Bekah Vega, Shenyse Harris and Danielle Reddick, this year’s performance spans from Lost in the Stars to Sound of Music. Interwoven with the selected songs are separate story lines discussing sexual assault, homesickness and various other meaningful dialogues. As always, an integral part of...

Montavon’s Desaparec...

Luke Montavon’s senior photo thesis explores what the disappeared left behind in Juarez, Mexico. The work is on display at the Marion Center.

Zydeco Breakfast May07

Zydeco Breakfast

The week after my spring break road trip to New Orleans, LA,  my truck was beamed up in the lot I had it parked in during class. No one was injured physically. Financially, sure, but either way it meant I needed to get ahold of a body shop. A mutual friend from Bowling Green, KY knew a one...

Due for Donovan

CWL Co-Chairman Matt Donovan has two forthcoming publications in poetry and lyric essay.

Studio Arts Closeup: Hannah Gardner

All of Gardner’s recent paintings came out of her Layers and Series class. She prefers working from photographs. “Most of my work is very straightforward,” she says. “Like, look at the clock, see what’s missing.”