Staff: Jenny Wilson Nov16

Staff: Jenny Wilson

Jackalope Magazine profiles SFUAD accountant Jenny Wilson.

End-of-Semester Events Nov16

End-of-Semester Events...

Santa Fe University of Art and Design students prepare for a variety of events as the final month of the Fall 2017 approaches.

CWL Senior Brantlee Reid

Jackalope Magazine talks to CWL senior Brantlee Reid about her senior book, writing themes and her literary journal, Blood Tree Literature.

Student Spotlight: Lexi Rose Malone...

Santa Fe University of Art and Design photo major Alexandra Rose Malone—aka Lexi—is a concentrating in commercial photography.

Photo Salon

On Nov. 2, Santa Fe University of Art and Design hosted a salon during which students’ works were critiqued by faculty and peers.

Vandalism on Campus Nov10

Vandalism on Campus

Three high school students confessed to graffiti on the SFUAD campus and then cleaned it up.

Sawyer Film 2018 Nov10

Sawyer Film 2018

Sawyer, an environmental piece about a futuristic society where nuclear power is commonplace, enters its pre-production stage with a fundraising campaign.

Studio Photography

On Nov. 9, Santa Fe University of Art and Design senior photography major Richard Sweeting spent time in the studio with SFUAD Film School alumnus Kelvin DuVal creating images for his upcoming music album cover.

Staff: Tina LaCaze Nov09

Staff: Tina LaCaze

Tina LaCaze is the registrar for Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and hopes to stay in the education field.

Staff: Margaret Van Dyk Nov09

Staff: Margaret Van Dyk...

Margaret Van Dyk has been at Fogelson since 2011. She hails from Milwaukee, WI and received her master’s degree in library science.

CWL Senior Kelsey Moghadaspour...

Jackalope Magazine talks to Santa Fe University of Art and Design CWL senior Kelsey Moghadaspour about her senior book and plans beyond graduation.

Student Profile: Audrey Clark...

Santa Fe University of Art and Design senior Performing Arts major Audrey Clark is pursuing her BFA in Acting and exploring directing.

Student Spotlight: Sasha Hill Nov04

Student Spotlight: Sasha Hill...

Sasha Hill is a Santa Fe University of Art and Design senior photography major concentrating in commercial photography.

Pigtail Girls Zine Launch Nov04

Pigtail Girls Zine Launch...

On Nov. 10, Santa Fe Zine Fest organizer Bucket Siler and local illustrator Lindsay Payton will release their new zine Pigtail Girls, a feminist fairy tale collaboration.

Staff: Hugo Medina Hernandez Nov03

Staff: Hugo Medina Hernandez...

Jackalope spotlights SFUAD cashier Hugo Medina Hernandez.