Designing with the Stars

“Shoot the Stars” is here and, for the first time, the Graphic Design Department is collaborating with the project. The collaboration came as a result of interest from Seth Fuller, director of  Dead Celebrity.

Fuller says he reached out to the Graphic Design Department because Dead Celebrity “has a lot of on screen media that is needed in order to make it happen. There is so much talent in all of the other departments and especially Graphic Design, that I thought it would be such a wasted opportunity to not get them involved.”

Graphic Design students Aldo Vidrio, Arnold Mateos, Abe Schor, Humberto Irigoyen and Pablo Byrne are participating in the project. The same students worked on the successful Outdoor Vision Fest.

“I knew that I wanted these guys Arnold, Humberto, and Aldo to work on the animated titles from the beginning because I have had them in class and their work is quite excellent,” Fuller says.

When Irigoyen first learned of the project, his first thought was, ‘wow, it seems cool,’ but things turned even more awesome when I knew that I could be part of it. Now I am working with a bunch of good friends”

Sophomore Abe Schor also is excited about the collaboration, particularly that he is working on a team with several seniors. “It’s a great experience and I’m happy to be doing it with unbelievably talented designers,” he says.

For Arnold Mateos, this isn’t the first time he’s worked with the Film Department. He worked last semester on a short film, Young Aileen, directed by David Abreu.

“This was a completely overwhelming experience for me since I got to work with an entire crew, and was able to learn first-hand the way short films are made as well as the pace and the process in which the guys in the Film department work,” Mateos says.

All the participants agree opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration is valuable.

“Being part of another department is really important and helpful for me and for our process as graphic designers,” says Aldo Vidrio. “This helps us expand our horizons…We are really thankful to Seth for making us part of this project.”