Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is always a season full of good things. For many US students, it’s a near-week’s holiday and a chance to visit their families. For international students, Thanksgiving provided the opportunity to take a trip and see more of the US.

Marisa Melito went to Virginia to spend these days with her family and her dog, “I think the best part about going home for Thanksgiving was seeing my dog Rocky because I missed him the most out of everyone.”

Abe Schor went to his hometown to see his family “I went to Chicago last Thanksgiving. I was really excited to see my parents and brothers, since I haven’t seen them since the summer.”

Jordan Marshall Long invited Ivonne Reynoso to spend these holidays with his family in Albuquerque. There, she had her first experience seeing a basketball game “I am from Mexico, and basketball is not so strong as it is here in USA. We use to go to soccer games more than basketball games. I went with Jordan to see a Lobos game of basketball, and it was really amazing to feel all the emotion of the people. I spent the holidays with him and his family, eating turkey, setting the Christmas tree, and we also went to the aquarium. I had so much fun.”

When it’s about road trips, students were really creative looking for places to go, and there was all kind of destinations. In the case of Alejandra Esteban, she decided to go with two more friends on a road trip visiting national parks, reservations and viewing nature. “On Thanksgiving, I went with two of my friends on a road trip to Durango, Mesa Verde and Monument Valley. The landscapes we saw were incredible. It was an amazing experience.”

Nathally Botelho visited the mountains of Colorado. “The experience of being in Colorado was amazing. While we were on the road, I was talking with my friends about how amazing it is to drive between the mountains and the snow, how the countries are very different and each experience increases our mind. I felt like I was in an American movie.“

Elizabeth Rodriguez went to Las Vegas with a group of friends. ”Las Vegas is something out of this world; every hotel located in the main Boulevard is like a complete city. I just loved it…if someone thinks you can only gamble or go to a club, they’re wrong…Las Vegas has much more to offer.”

Abel Anaya and some friends decided to go to Denver to see a new city. “My experience in Denver was amazing,” he says. “I really missed [seeing city] buildings and a different city than Santa Fe. The downtown in Denver is really nice, and I loved the main street, where you could play piano in the street.”

There were other students that were more audacious and decided to leave the country and the continent to go to China. This is the case of Luiz Cavalcanti: “Going to Shanghai was a great experience. It’s always good to get out of your comfort zone and go to places totally different from where you come from.”

And then, of course, there were also a few students who stayed on campus during the holidays, but they also enjoyed the time to rest and spend more time with their friends without classes and a nice weather.