OVF on the Horizon


With the May 2 Outdoor Vision Fest less than a month away, excitement from the people involved is reaching a boiling point. The amount of work that goes into this festival each year is rather astonishing, and this year’s event is shaping up to be biggest yet with the addition of a projection dome, a large VJ (video jockey) working with the CMP departments DJs, the dance department’s involvement, the studio arts department branching out more.

“This year I’m doing VJing with CMP,” says Chris Beran, one of the students heading the visuals with the VJing. “They’re going to be making music and we’re going to be projecting live to it. It’s going to be pretty cool, this year is going to be a good run through.” The VJ station will be set up on the front side of Tipton, with a high-energy installation for the audience.

“I’m doing this massive video mapping project with the big tower,” said Can Kesim, “I’m going to be using two projectors to cover the entire ceiling and three of the walls. I think it’s going to be good, I’m really excited for OVF.” Last year, Kesim had the tall tower near the triple head piece, and this year his project is going to be just as interesting, creating optical illusions all over the surfaces he projects on.

“I’m working on a collaborative piece with some my friends from the design department. We’re making a 10-foot-by-17-foot boom box out of foam core to project on to. It’s going to be super fucking awesome,” said Ashley Sabatino about the piece she’s working on. The people she’s collaborating with are the people who made the giant wall mask last year. This year it sounds like they are taking it up to the next level. Look out for their boom box at OVF this year. The event is going to be outside the Marion Center and the Art Center from 8:45 p.m. to 10:45.p.m.