Quadstock 2014

Quadstock 2014 took off May 3 with an enthusiastic audience and great performances. The two-day event had a good turnout and was well coordinated. Student bands like Venus and the Lion, Get Safe, Ruder and the Shockwaves, and To Build a Fire intermingled with bands from Santa Fe and even some from out of town like The Benevolent Strangers and The Bipedal Approach, providing a mixture of sounds and genres gave the audience a wonderful array of music.

The performances were carried out in a timely manner and in between the events on the main stage, performances on the side stage became the focus with smaller bands or individuals playing music, including Gabe Thomas, Joel Ortega and Paul Wagner. The overall flow of the event rarely left the audience without music. The bipolar weather that Santa Fe has had recently decided to leave Quadstock be with nothing but sunshine and warm weather.

Overal,l it was a fun event that gave everyone preparing for finals a nice outdoor break from studying and gave SFUAD a chance to showcase some of their Contemporary Music majors.