SFUADcast: Hamilton Turner

Entering his senior year, Hamilton Turner has a lot on his plate. Between a full class schedule, directing a show and Underwear Society—the student run sketch comedy group—Turner has hit the ground running. Turner recently sat down with the SFUADcast to talk about his upcoming projects.

Last week, Underwear Society, which has been active for 13 years going back to the CSF days, held auditions for the new season. Turner is joined by Jacey Ellis, Michael Pepp and Darrell “DLou” Luther, as the elder statesmen of the group. Starting last year, Underwear Society took a unique turn in casting CWR major Ellis and CMP major DLou. Turner hopes to continue that trend of branching out across campus.

“There’s an interesting thing to be said about keeping it open to the entire campus,” said Turner. “That opens the door to a lot of things that we can do.”

An even fresher element for the new year is Underwear Society inching towards a more improv-based entertainment, rather than what has been traditionally scripted comedy.

Turner directed Small Craft Warnings, a one act by Tennessee Williams, last semester after being encouraged by the Performing Arts Department. He returns this semester to direct Hotline by Elaine May, a dramedy surrounding a suicide hotline.

“I think that it will play well with some of the other shows in the season,” he said, “because they are all completely different.”

Aside from senior Matt McMillan, who stars in the show, Turner is excited that the cast mostly consists of freshmen and transfer students, singling out Madeleine Garcia in particular.

“She had a really interesting take on the character, which is what I was drawn to, that’s why I cast her,” he said. “[Her performance] was really simple, really instinctual, I’m really excited to work with her, and the entire cast.”

Delving a bit into his directorial style, Turner hopes to create a collaborative environment.

“Whenever I’m in the rehearsal space with my actors, something I like to do is open it up to the entire cast and turn it into a collaborative process,” he said. “It’s like ‘OK I don’t think this moment’s working, what can we do, you have any ideas to help that? I can tell you’re uncomfortable with this, what will make you comfortable, try it.’”

Tune into the SFUADcast to hear Turner’s thoughts on his semester, what celebrity he would punch in the face, and a special “marry, boff, kill” Nicktoons edition.