Student Voice Forum

At 6:59 pm, there were only 10 people, five of which were on stage. Five minutes after the Student Voice Open Forum was supposed to begin, the number jumped to 17. The turnout was average, according to Student Voice President Rachel Shuford, although you’d think the number would be larger, given the amount of bickering, name calling and pointed memes on SFUAD’s Student Life Facebook page. Unlike the staff-run Student Life, Student Voice is a student-run organization, which advocates for the various problems of students on campus.

Shuford, a second semester junior, doesn’t let the low turnout mar her Leslie Knope optimism toward the improvement of SFUAD.

“We don’t want to encourage people to come and complain at the open forum, we don’t want people to have things to complain about,” she said “But we do want them to have an outlet.”

The Forum kicked off with a message from Larry Hinz regarding the recent spat of security breaches in and around King Hall. King recently saw the introduction of a 24-hour guard station, but 24/7 surveilance cameras, as well as patrols around, and within the hall are to follow.

In another effort to improve security, Student Life went on a “light walk,” around campus to survey which areas could be better lit. As a result, the school plans to increase lighting on the paths to the Film School, Greer Garson and around the barracks.

Still, according to student Hall Director Rochelle Esquerra, you can call an RA or hall director, but ultimately, the onus of safety falls on the student.

“There’s no issue too small to call security,” she said. “We really want to empower you as students.”

As far as mass complaining on the Student Life page, Student Voice encourages students to take their concerns directly to Mouton Hall, because legitimate complaints can often be lost in a Facebook flame war.

Shuford, who doesn’t even live on campus any more, still cares about what’s happening on campus.

“I thought that I would fall out of love with SFUAD as a school,” she said. “But, I’m one of the people who joined Student Voice because I saw this campus and I knew that things could be better. I think having an outside view in has given me perspective of how things can change.”

So, SFUAD, if you have a problem, take it to Shuford, because if you don’t know how to fix it, maybe she can.

Other news gleamed from the Forum:

• Any lounge not upgraded so far, will be by next semester.

• King Lounge will be getting cable (saving me trips to the bar to watch the Bronco game.)

• Laureate plans to officially but the campus grounds in 2015, with more concrete upgrades to follow.

• Plans for “We are an Art School” initiative, which will showcase students art work throughout the dorm halls.