The unlimited resources SFUAD offers make for some incredible production. The newest buzz on campus is the upcoming EP Horizon. Music producer Josiah Noray teamed up with director La’Charles Trask to create music videos of the highest quality for deserving artists. Their mission was to create an EP of five songs using various artists to harvest five top-notch music videos. Starring in these music videos will be artists such as Yoshi, Trae Perry and Garrett Grimes, who will produce a genre of chill trap.

“This is the kind of stuff I’ll be doing for the rest of my life,” Trask says. “My heart is in directing music videos.”
On Sept. 27, Jackalope Magazine headed out to the desert to experience the making of a music video. The amount of work that goes into the process is outstanding. There were students from all majors helping in any way they could.
Synphne Sorina, a studio art major, choreographed the dance, while Drew Stahelin offered his gaffer skills. It’s truly a production that gives one a whole new appreciation to the art of music videos.
The artist who goes by Yoshi covered herself head to toe in silver glitter and danced around in the hot sun for her song “Goes Well.” To match Yoshi, the dancers wore glitter around their black leotards with lacey veils covering their faces. The scene they were shooting is about a couple whose car breaks down in the desert and who then stumbles upon a Martian-like group of women who put the couple in a trance.
“I’m going to have glitter on me for days,” Yoshi joked. “But it’s been an amazing experience.”
The songs that make up the EP Horizon will be released early January 2016 with the music videos to follow.
“We want to get people amped for the release of these songs,” says Noray. “If you’re a user of the Internet, don’t forget to hash tag Horizon on social media.”