Artist Spotlight: Hayley Rheagan

Hayley Rheagan is a former SFUAD student who specializes in fine art photography. In her work, Rheagan utilizes naturally found geometric shapes and patterns in order to create vibrant and colorful abstractions. While her photographs typically depict urban architecture, her keen eye to symmetry, form and color allows her to transform seemingly mundane scenes into beautiful works of art. Her work is often wondrous, occasionally humorous, and always beautiful. Because of this, Rheagan has gained respectable notoriety in both the local and the national art community. Her work has been featured in many periodicals and publications, as well as several solo and group exhibitions. Most recently, Rheagan was in a show sponsored by SCA Contemporary Art in Albuquerque, NM. This exhibition, curated by former SFUAD faculty member Andy Mattern, showcased the work of five photographers who create imagery that is atypical of classical photography.

Hayley Rheagan’s work can be followed on her Instagram Account