SpaceMob performance on Friday at the Santa Fe Brewing Co. Photo by Kaitlyn Sims

SpaceMob performance on Friday at the Santa Fe Brewing Co. Photo by Kaitlyn Sims

As the middle of the fall semester hurriedly approaches, students in the Contemporary Music Program at Santa Fe University of Art and Design are putting in more work than ever, getting ready for performances and upcoming shows. SpaceMob’s frontman, Ridd Spac3L33 Prime, a junior in the Contemporary Music Department, is one of those musicians.

Prime carries himself like someone who is used to being in front of a crowd, commanding a certain level of attention and respect no matter where he is or who he is talking to. When first meeting with him, Prime was multitasking, talking to a student about new logos for the group as well as making plans for practice times. With big plans for the future and a mindset to take over the world, it is no surprise that SpaceMob is a currently a campus favorite group.

SpaceMob will be performing on Oct. 29, when they host a Halloween Party at Warehouse 21 downtown.

Jackalope Magazine: How did SpaceMob form from an idea into a group?

Ridd Spac3L33 Prime: SpaceMob is a group of aliens all from different planets who formed together in order to complete OperationBreathe, a mission to bring peace love and art to the MegaVerse through our love and passion. The Human answer would be, after our alien spirits entered our earthly bodies we wandered around the planet until we all met in college and realized that we were all in fact alien musicians alike who yearned to make music our life and help others through the medium!


How many people are currently involved in SpaceMob?

As of now, the immediate band has nine members (Ridd SPAC3L33 PRIME, DLiteYear, JMeteorStorm, BUD$ ALDR0N, BRAVESTAAR, LordNebulus The War Bringer, DennyDeathStar and KevinSpacey The BigBassTheory) But we also have a band member in California: LooneyGoon The AstroMan. We Have two actors, one who graduated and went to Yale: CHINOSTARR and one pursuing his acting career in HollyWood: MoonSHYNE. Also, we have a primary filmmaker, Darth Vegan, and a head graphic Designer DEMO DarkSYde. We are [always] looking for more people to join, all you have to do is believe in passion. The easy answer is 14.


What is your core message as a group and what kind of listeners does your music speak to?

Our music is evolving; there is no band like us in this galaxy. Initially, we are making music that everyone can rock to or vibe with but there is so much more in store. We understand that we have to get people’s attention. We have some crazy stuff cooking. with deeper messages and far more complex music for those deep thinkers and listeners in the future. For now, we just need to let people know that SMSC has crash landed here for their entertainment, but they soon will see we are here for their enlightenment. In a nut-shell, we hope that our music can inspire people to breathe. Maybe by them seeing/hearing us do what we love they will do the same, and once we get everyone to focus on their love and passion, no one will have time for war, hate and destruction! That is OperationBreathe, our Mission we must complete at all cost!


What has SpaceMob been working on currently?

New Music and new logo designs; branching out and collaborating! SpaceMob shirts will be available for sale at our show on Oct 29! Every year around this time we put our new merchandise out! We will also have pins, stickers, wristbands, etc.

We are booked nearly every weekend this year and it’s still not enough. We really want to get to SXSW, which is a big music festival in Austin. Our biggest obstacle right now is exposure, anyone who has ever seen us has loved us, from our understanding, but in Santa Fe our band isn’t given the opportunities other modern bands are. We are thinking about leaving to go to another state but it’ll be a while because we all need to graduate. School’s important, and although I am ahead of some of my band members, I won’t leave them, they are my brothers, my family and we all go at the same time.


If you could tell the world about SpaceMob and yourself what would you want people to know?

I have a deep passion for all forms of art and want to do only that for the rest of my life. I hate saying make it a career, as that doesn’t sound right. I just want to live that way, you know? I want the world to know that we are the real deal. We are so much more than the average band and I’m begging you guys to take a few minutes out of your life and really listen to us. No matter how long it takes, we will rise, and once we rise we will use that humble power and authority to do as much good as we possibly can. We love all of our fans and we will never let them down because we truly appreciate them. We will only get better and better everyday.

This interview was conducted via email and has been edited and condensed for style and clarity.